Present At IIMS 2024, Here Are The Details Of The Latest Electric Car Wuling Cloud EV
Wuling CloudEV at IIMS 2024. (Doc. Wuling)

JAKARTA - Wuling officially introduced its newest electric car at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024, which will fill the medium hatchback segment.

At first glance, this car comes with a dynamic and light appearance on the exterior. An elegant impression is also present in the cabin room of this electric vehicle with a wide space for movement and the use of classy materials in various areas.

Cloud EV kami menunjukkan perdana sebagai bentuk inovasi kendaraan listrik yang melengkapi pilihan segmen EV Wuling, setelah Air ev dan BinguoEV. Mobil listrik medium hatchback yang dapat menempuh jarak 460 km hingga 505 km ini menawarkan eksterior dan interior yang elegangi dan menghadirkan kenyamanan yang lebih, serta berpadu dengan solusi mobilitas ramah lingkungan. Perpaduan tersebut tentunya membawa pengalaman bersama EV ke level yang lebih tinggi, terang Danang Wiratmoko selaku Product Planning Wuling Motors, dalam keterangannya, Kamis, 22 Februari.

Speaking of the exterior of the Cloud EV, the design implemented on this electric car is inspired by curves and cloud shapes (Cloud Shaped Design) with a curved silhouette without a sharp angle. The design of the building adds to a friendly and soft minimalist impression. Then the front fascia is decorated with a horizontal DRL light span in the middle with a sein LED light on the left and right as well as a headlamp LED projector at the bottom.

Meanwhile, on the side of the Cloud EV, the aerodynamic design is applied. This electric car is equipped with Multifunctional Review Mirror and Hidden Inductive Door Handles which adds a sleek impression on the door. This electric Hatchback medium uses an 18-inch alloy velg with a Biangllala-inspired design. At the stern this car performs modernly with a horizontal LED position ramp and LED backlight with High Stop Mount Lamp as well as built-in antenna.

The Cloud EV carries the concept of 'Home Life Space' in a cabin room with a wide space and maximum comfort feel like at home at every corner. The impression of comfort and softness is also highlighted through the design of the Italian Bubble Sofa Style bench which can be arranged electrically in six directions in the driver's seat and four directions in the front passenger seat.

Quality premium material also adds to the classy impression in the cabin room that coats the dashboard, leans on the door trim, to the center console. Not to forget the leather layer also wrapped the steering circle decorated with various function operating buttons.

Increasingly adding to the modern and classy impression, the Wuling Cloud EV is equipped with two large screens on the dashboard. All vehicle information can be monitored by drivers through the 8.8 Inch Multi Information Display screen. In addition, the control center of advanced features and entertainment is also integrated on the 15.6 Inch LED Central Control Screen head screen in the middle. Both screens have high resolutions to maximize visuals for Cloud EV users.

To support the capacity, the Cloud EV carries a spacious cabin space with 18 storage compartments. Not only that, the storage of goods is also supported by deep Sunk baggage with a volume of up to 606 liters. If you need more baggage space, users can fold the back seat evenly to get a maximum volume of 1,707 liters.

The unique thing related to the Cloud EV interior is Sofa Mode which adds comfort in the cabin. This function is operated by donating the first row bench to the maximum and then extending the back seat to 135 degrees, so that the entire chair resembles a comfortable long sofa.

The Wind Cloud EV combines an elegant display and classy comfort in an innovative electric car. This electric vehicle premiered at IIMS 2024 and can be seen directly at the Wuling booth during the exhibition until February 25, 2024," concluded Aji Ibrahim, Product Planning Wuling Motors.

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