JAKARTA - Perhaps, two weeks before Eid al-Fitr, some people began to experience chants of 'package!' in front of his house. This is because they started getting gifts that were placed in small baskets. Contents vary. From snacks to toiletries and perhaps in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, some have provided self-sterilizing kits in small packages.

Yes, this gift is now better known as hamper. Hamper has been tested to be a fantastic gift solution on holiday moments. But do you know the origin of almost? The VOI team explored history from almost a variety of sources and discovered how they grew to become classic yet still festive gifts.

The concept was almost first introduced to England by the French in the 11th century. At that time it was almost used as a donation containing food, drink and clothing. The hamper is designed to provide for a needy family that can last for weeks.

The contents are almost placed in a wicker basket made of willow wood, which the basket can later be used for those who get it. These baskets were also often used to transport food and drinks during hunting or long trips at that time.

Until finally, in the era of Queen Victoria, everything related to transportation began to develop. The transportation network in this era began to develop better due to the industrial revolution. The revolution made it possible to transport fresh food items more easily across the country.

Thus, food delivery becomes much easier and faster. Almost then, it was not just provisions for expeditions or donations for the poor. Hamper is a tradition at Christmas celebrations and many families send each other almost as luxurious gifts.

During this period, almost also given to workers and servants by their employers. The hampers are clothes and food in traditional wicker baskets to give to them at Christmas. Hampers for workers and servants usually contain seasonal produce, preserved meat and fruit.

The gifts were almost to ensure everyone would have plenty of food in stock to enjoy during the Christmas festive period. As motorized trips increased around 1900, some almost began to contain cooking utensils such as tea kettles and heaters.

The purpose of giving the kettle is so that those who receive it can use it almost when they are on the move, they can rest while drinking tea to nourish themselves. Until finally, in the 21st century, almost a lot has developed rapidly and not only as a fulfillment of the needs of a person or family.

Hamper no longer contains staple foodstuffs, but snacks such as biscuits and drinks such as wine and juices. In fact, it is almost a gift that is quite in demand in the royal circle.

In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II presented Pope Francis a gift marking their first meeting at the Vatican. The hamper contains a bottle of Balmoral whiskey as well as eggs and honey from an estate owned by the British royal.

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