Engineering To Graft Alpukat Trees To Quickly Grow And Bear Fruit
Illustration of grafting plants (Antaranews)

YOGYAKARTA In the world of agriculture, one way to multiply avocado trees is to graft the stems. To do this, you need to pay attention to the technique of grafting avocado trees. However, grafting is not always successful. To minimize the failure to see the following article.

grafting avocado trees is one way to multiply trees of the same quality as their mothers. This technique is widely chosen because it is easier and faster. In addition, the results are approximately the same as the grafted parent tree.

It should be noted that the grafting technique is done by peeling the outer skin of the tree branch. The peeling of the tree's own skin is only 10-15 cm. After peeling it, it is then given soil to stimulate the new assembler in the tree branch so that the roots can be planted elsewhere. The technique of grafting avocado trees is as follows.

The selection of tree branches for grafting is very important because it helps determine the success of grafting. It is recommended to choose an old branch. In addition, choose a fertile branch with a small number of young branches. Also make sure that the branch has a history of bearing good fruit and there are no pests.

After choosing the branches, peel the skin and crack the cambium. The beating and stabbing were carried out with a clean knife without contamination of harmful substances. The contamination from the knife will interfere with root growth.

After peeling and dredging have been successfully carried out, cover it with fertile soil. Covering the soil can be done with cloth to keep it moist, then tie the top and bottom to resemble candy.

Closure can use clear plastic to see root growth. But try to give some small holes as waterways so that the soil remains humid.

Try to keep water sprinkling into grafted soil. Watering is done so that roots are easy to grow. You can provide additional fertilizers so that growth can occur quickly.

It should be noted that the appearance of roots in the soil is grafted with various durations but approximately 1 month depending on many things ranging from nutrients, weather, to grafted trees. When roots appear, don't rush to cut them, wait for the roots to be ripe until they are ready to be planted. The characteristics of grafted roots that are not ready to be planted are usually green, which indicates that the roots are still easy.

If the roots are deemed ripe then the branch cut can be done. Try not to cut too far from the grafting point. After that, planting the grafted tree in the shade. At this stage you still have to carry out regular maintenance until the roots are completely sturdy.

If it is deemed sufficient, then the transfer can be done at the water level. Try to add fertilizer or other fertilizers to make them more fertile.

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