Face Rejuvenation Tips With The Combination Of Filler HA And Threadlifts From Korean Aesthetic Expert, Dr. Ho Sung Choi
Korean Aesthetic Expert, Dr Ho Sung Choi

JAKARTA Medical ethics along with the development of trends, techniques, and products continue to change along with innovation and the emergence of new methods in the beauty industry. One of them was at the International Seminar & Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine (ISWAM) which was held at ICE BSD City. Taking place on December 1-3, 2023, this event was held to present an update on the medical aesthetic care method through seminar events and aesthetic exhibitions.

ISWAM 2023 aims to update trends, techniques, and products in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine with the support of the pharmaceutical industry, and cosmetic companies. On this occasion, well-known experts and speakers from all over the world were also present. One of them is Dr. Ho Sung Choi from South Korea, who has an international-scale Sinclair Global Trainer certificate.

Dr. Ho Sung Choi shared knowledge related to Threadlift (twining) and Filler Hyaluronic Acid (HA) combination techniques to create balanced facial contours and shape a face with a natural appearance. Because the results of a natural facial appearance are the ultimate goal of medical aesthetic care.

Therefore, there is a trend in the medical aesthetic world to take a multi-layer approach to facial skin tissue simultaneously using Filler HA. However, if you do facial treatments only with a Filler HA injection, this is prone to causing facial volume to become excessive, resulting in an unnatural facial appearance.

The solution to this phenomenon is to reduce the number of Filler HA by combining quality facial thread treatments. Silhouette Soft presents quality Threadlifts, made in America using the PLLA cone technology that can reposition fat tissue naturally, the drag area is wider, stronger and lasts a long time to last up to 2 years.

The combination technique of Filler HA and Threadlift will provide better and natural facial contour results. It is very important to use quality HA Fillers that contain pain loss, such as Perfectha Lidocaine, which is made in France, so that the medical aesthetic treatment process can be carried out comfortably.

"The approach of multi-layers to the formation of faces with the right types of treatments and products is very important to achieve better results", said Dr. Ho Sung Choi, who is also Piena Aesthetic Clinic's Chief Director in South Korea.

"We always try to share knowledge updates with medical aesthetic actors in Indonesia by inviting experienced sources on an international scale. We hope that medical aesthetic action procedures in Indonesia can be carried out optimally," said Head Business Unit Sinclair Indonesia, Dr. Jonathan Adi.

In order to increase the spirit of improving health services in aesthetics and anti-aging areas, Sinclair Indonesia is committed to always sharing knowledge updates from international medical aesthetic experts and providing quality products that meet global standards in Indonesia.

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