Different Chefs And Chefs: Many Don't Know If This Profession Is Different
Different Chefs And Chefs (Pidley-Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA - Many think that Chefs and Chefs are the same names and professions. But actually these are two different professions even though they are both involved in the kitchen. Then, what are the different chefs and chefs?

Launching from several sources, chef is a term for a reliable cook who plays the role of the chief cook at a restaurant or hotel. Meanwhile, the chef is in charge of cooking food. It can be said, chef education is obtained from an experienced chef, while the chef gets the ability from experience.

Not only that, judging from the term, the word chef is taken from the French chef de cuisine' which means head of the kitchen. Chefs are also often referred to as reliable cooks and are trained in all aspects of food processing. Meanwhile, the chef is in charge of preparing dishes that will be eaten. It can be said, the chef is a universal cook.

The reason is, the chef gets education and formal training from an experienced institution or chef. Meanwhile, the chef gets his skills from repeated cooking experience. In fact, the chef's profession only emerged in the 19th century. Previously these chefs were referred to as 'cuts' or'master of cooks'.

Chef has a level that is distinguished according to his position or ability. The top position in chef is said to be a chef manager or head chef. Make the lowest position at the chef level as the junior chef. Meanwhile, the chef does not have the same level as the chef.

Both of these professions have a big responsibility. A chef has a complex responsibility, especially for the chef's head. If a chef's kitchen team has an error, it will have an impact on the chef's head.

Not only that, the chef is responsible for menus in restaurants or hotels. Not infrequently, a chef will conduct research to create a new menu. Chefs are also responsible for several things such as food menu tastes, raw material supplies and training chefs below.

The chef is no less important than the chef. If the chef's cooking is problematic, the chef must be held accountable. Because working alone, the responsibility of the chef is not too complex.

1. Cook helper/kitchen assistant

As the name suggests, the main task of cooking helpers is to help prepare cooking ingredients (mise en place). Not only in the preparation session, but also in the cooking finishing process. Generally, hotel students in the field of F&B service will be combined in this position.

2. Cook/commis

Commis is an entry-level position in the kitchen. They work under the supervision of chef de partie and are responsible for basic preparation tasks, such as cutting materials, sterilizing cooking ingredients, and helping in the cooking process.

3. For the sake of Chef de partie

This position is almost the same as usual plugs, but the responsibility is wider. For the sake of chef de partie, it is not only responsible for being adrift of the standard taste, but also in terms of the procurement of materials.

4. Chef de partie

The initial stage of the quality control in the kitchen is held by chef de partie. For this reason, chef de partie directly informed the sous chef or executive chef. Not only that, they are responsible for the procurement of materials and cooking, setting the kitchen SOP running according to the executive chef's direction.

5. Sous chef/assisten chef

Of course, every chef needs an assistant, generally the assistant chef is often called a sous chef. This position is entirely responsible for the operation of the kitchen and helps carry out part of the kitchen administration.

Not only chef de partie, chef sous is also responsible for quality control, food costs, and justifies that cooking standards are safe according to the executive chef's direction.

6. Executive chef

The main task of an executive chef is to apply and ensure the quality of cooking standards in terms of taste, presentation of the cooking menu, and also the selling price. This position must have creativity because its task is no less meaningful, namely producing new menus.

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