Tips For Choosing A Resident For Eksim: Don't Underestimate If You Don't Want To Regret It Later
Tips For Choosing A Resident For Eksim

YOGYAKARTA - When we experience itching on the skin, dry and reddening, it could be eczema symptoms. It will be worse if we add inappropriate skincare usage. That means you need tips for choosing a moisturizer for a good eczema.

The reason is, eczema sufferers must be careful in choosing products and skincare routines for their skin. So what are the tips that must be considered?

1. Choosing Products That Help Control Itchy

The most important obstacle for eczema sufferers is itching that is unbearable. The areas of the face that are usually exposed are the mouth and temples.

According to the National Eczema Society, the use of skincare and cosmetics usually triggers itching on eczema skin. If you continue to scratch, the skin will become fragile, easily inflammatory, and susceptible to infection.

Therefore, it is important to choose a product that can control itching on your skin. Usually in product selection, it is focused on choosing skincare which has cold effects and calms the skin.

Keep in mind, selected products must be hypoelectric (not triggering allergies) and do not produce reactions on the skin.

2. Stay Away From Active Substances That Have The Potential To Give Birth To The Skin

Skincare for eczema skin must be comfortable for the skin. Make sure that the product is comfortable, let alone make the skin sensitive.

This is why you can't just rely on explanations of'soothing', 'hydrating', and the like in product packaging.

Stay away from materials containing retinol, vit C, salicylic acid, and hydroxy alpha (AHA).

Although effective in tackling many skin problems, these active substances have the potential to cause skin irritation and worsen eczema symptoms.

Do not use products containing fragrances or preservatives in the form of parabens. Find products that have a 'fragrance-free' explanation, not 'unscented'. If you need it, choose natural or organic product without fragrance.

3. Being able to moisturize and soften the skin

The moist and healthy skin has a stronger arrangement of skin protections. In contrast, the skin with eczema is drier and more fragile.

Therefore, you need products that are able to share extra moisture for the skin. When choosing skincare products for eczema, the initial ingredients that you must look for are glycerin, shea butter, or lanolin.

Hyaluronic acid in face cream can also draw water into the skin so that the face becomes more moist. Mixed hyaluronic acid and ceramide can actually share even greater properties.

For research in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, the mixture of the two is effective in tackling symptoms of mild to moderate eczema.

4. Use Sunscreen

This skincare product is very useful for protecting the skin from eczema from damage caused by sunlight.

The initial thing you need to look for is sunscreen, namely the contents of minerals and ultraviolet light filtering expertise (UV). Sunscreen minerals have titanium dioxide and zinc oxides are able to protect the skin without the risk of irritation.

However, this type of sunscreen does have a slight drawback, namely the presence of white residue on the skin (white cast) and an oily texture.

Not only that, choosing a large spectrum of sunscreen that can protect your skin from UVA and UVB light. Make sure the sunscreen has SPF 30 which is sufficient to protect the skin, but not so strong that it can stimulate irritation.

5. Select the Best Moisturizer Product

Creams and moisturizing gels are skincare products that mean a lot to people with eczema skin. The use of moisturizing that is right can actually help your skin recover and reduce your need for eczema.

You can actually get all these benefits by wearing regular moisturizers. However, you can also enrich its properties with other ingredients, such as moisturizing serums or steroid creams.

There are many manifestations of moisturizers that you can select according to your needs, ranging from lotion, cream, spray, to scenes. If you are indecisive in sorting out the best moisturizing products, you can first ask a dermatologist.

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