Expendables 4 Film Review, Iko Uwais' Action To Fight The Eccentric Mercenaries
Expendables 4

JAKARTA - The Expendables 4 film brings back the action of eccentric mercenaries to save the world from possible World War III because of an enemy eyeing an advantage. Expendables led by Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his teammates were asked to carry out a mission to save the nuclear denotator stolen by a group of robbers led by Rahmat (Iko Uwais).

The denotator serves to activate a nuclear bomb to trigger conflict between Russia and the United States and has the potential for a World War III.

Together with his colleagues, Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Dolph Lundgren (Gunner Jensen), Randy Couture (Toll Road), 50 Cent (Easy Day), Jacob Scipio (Galan), Ross began carrying out his mission to reclaim the nuclear denotator. Rahmat, the robber's leader did not remain silent and his flock tried to escape the situation.

With great action, the Expendables team also tried to stop Rahmat's escape with his stolen denotator. Starting from land to air ambushes, the Expendables team carried out various ways to make their mission a success.

Ross, who led the Expendables team, again directed his men to conduct an ambush in the midst of an increasingly precarious situation. Unfortunately, Christmas, who received direct orders to arrest Rahmat, ignored the order to save Ross who was in danger.

At the same time, Rahmat managed to escape with his stolen nuclear denotator and went somewhere quite far. The Expendables team lost Rahmat and something valuable to them forever. Will the Expendables team manage to reclaim the denotator and save the world?

Iko Uwais et al's stunning action Not only featuring veteran actors and actresses from the Hollywood film world, the film Expendables 4 presents Indonesian film actor Iko Uwais as one of the antagonists in it. Iko has been known as a professional match actor in a number of films, both domestically and abroad.

Interestingly, Iko became the opening character when the film Expendables 4 had just begun, featuring scenes of intense matches of himself against the Libyan army. At this point, Iko re-established himself as one of the Indonesian actors who should be taken into account the quality of acting and defending himself.

Quoted from ANTARA, Iko played Rahmat, the head of the robber who stole the nuclear denotator from the Libyan leader to spark conflict between Russia and the United States to the potential for a World War III. Rahmat is not the real leader of the robbery because he was ruled by Ocelot, a mysterious criminal whose true identity is not yet known.

It didn't stop there, Iko managed to bring his antagonist character well by fighting the Expendables team and those they considered enemies. He and Statham also competed well in action when the scene against each other.

Apart from Iko, the Expendables team consisting of well-known Hollywood actors and actresses also managed to show the quality of his acting in this action film. Sylvester Stallone, for example. At his age who is no longer young, he still looks excellent by playing eccentric mercenaries and leading his team well.

There are also Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Andy Garci, and Megan Fox who have long been poor across the world of cinema. In the action film Expendables 4, all managed to appear compact to carry out the extraordinary and tough missions they faced.

The action is in accordance with the action genre of its first series, the Expendables 4 film again shows the dangerous action that the Expendables team must face to deal with the robbers of nuclear denotators led by Rahmat. With the background of experienced soldiers, the Expendables team was again tested to face various obstacles beyond the limits of ordinary human dignity.

Since the first scene, various action scenes have been featured in the film Expendables 4. Starting from the robbery of nuclear denators by Rahmat and his flock, the chase to reclaim the denator, to the Christmas rescue scene to help his friends.

Overall, the audience will be amazed while holding back their breath because of the intense action scenes that are shown every minute. For 103 minutes of screening time for Expendables 4, the audience seemed to be made not to distract the slightest item from the cinema screen.

This is because of the intense action of the match presented in this film. Not without reason, the action of the match became an important part of the storyline in it.

Unbounded loyalty Although most of the Expendables 4 films contain action scenes and explosions here and there, the film's author managed to slip a message of friendship shown by the Expendables team to each other.

When Christmas had a critical struggle, the other Expendables team tried to help Christmas, and vice versa. In fact, Ross as team leader was not afraid to be a "scure mandate" for his colleagues.

Not only the Expendables team, Ross's old partner named Decha (Tony Jaa) helped the Expend4bles team when needed. In the name of friendship, Decha was willing to come forward to help them.

On the sidelines of Expend4bles' heroic actions, the sarcastic scene that drew laughter also emerged from Ross and Christmas's conversation. As colleagues who have faced a battle between life and death, both of them appear as good friends who fill each other.

From here, the audience will understand the friendly relationship between Ross and his men. The audience may also agree that Christmas's actions are beyond the limits of Ross, his best friend.

Meanwhile, the film Expendables 4 starts on September 20 in Indonesia. The film was worked on by director Scott Waugh and written by Kurt Wimmer, Tad Daggerhart, Max Adams, Spenser Cohen, and Dave Callaham.

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