7 Typical Surabaya Foods For Ramadan Iftar Menu
Illustration of typical Ramadan foods in Surabaya (Freepik/wavebreakmedia)

YOGYAKARTA The moment of Ramadan has found many foods and is typical of the regions in the archipelago. One of them is from a big city like Surabaya, which has foods with a firm and sharp taste and is even identical to marine products. For example, a core dish peppered with shrimp or petis. Interested in breaking the fast by tasting typical foods from Surabaya? Here's the list.

Sebagai ibu kota provinsi, di Surabaya pula banyak dijual makanan khas daerah sekitarnya. Seperti bongko kopyor yang asal Gresik namun populer di Surabaya. Nama bongko kopyor merupakan akronis dari pembeli ngka dan kelapa kopyor. Bongko kopyor dilepas daun banana dengan rasa sweet dan jurih.

As a trade route crossing in the Malacca Strait, Indonesia has been approached by traders from various countries since centuries ago. This also affects the acculturation in food in Indonesia. One of them is called pukis arab, which looks like an apam cake or more like a traditional bolu cake. Its shape is as big as an adult's fist that resembles a fungus. The taste of sweet is not thick and is more dominant in savory taste.

Layer cake may be familiar to you. Processed by steaming and layered which is similar to the specoe. There are various types of flavors that you can choose, ranging from pandan, vanila chocolate, to almonds. This typical Surabaya food is suitable for takjil when breaking Ramadan fast.

The krawu rice is known as a delicious dish typical of northern Java, including Surabaya. The warm rice is served on the banana leaves, containing processed beef, beef jeroans, seams, and refined with shrimp chili sauce. The flavor is savory and spicy combined in the mouth.

Regarding taste, each region has its own uniqueness. Including pecel dishes that have many versions according to the produce of the earth and different ways of processing peanut sambel in each region. For pecel sempanggi in Surabaya, it contains semanggi leaves, tauge, caye leaves, watered with peanut spices on it. Well, what is unique about the peanut spice in Surabaya, added terasi and a mixture of sweet potatoes so that the taste is more legit.

If you don't want to eat big so you don't get too full when breaking the fast of Ramadan, knowing that the mixture of typical Surabaya foods can be an option for the menu. Because you can order a level of susceptibility, you can order it according to your taste. But keep in mind, so that it doesn't interfere with digestion, it's better to choose spices that are not too spicy.

Tofu mixed with fried tofu, rice cake, beef cutoffs, lettuce, yellow noodles, and tauge. Some typical Surabaya mixed tofu dishes, added cassava mats and shrimp crackers. The deliciousness of this dish is equipped with a sprinkling of fried shallots on top of it.

Berkuah with a black look, it is easy to find in various regions. Both in East Java and in the capital city such as Jakarta. Rawon sauce, processed from fermented keluwak seeds so as not to be toxic. Then cooked with spice spices that create a wealth of taste.

In a warm Rawon plate, it contains an easy cooked beef slice. Then on the side are added raw sprouts and shrimp chili sauce. Some restaurants add basics or kemangi leaves to create a more flavored flavor.

That's seven typical Ramadan foods in Surabaya. You can choose the food above as the iftar menu this evening.

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