What Is The Limit For Eating Dates Per Day? Beware Of Side Effects Lurking If Consumption Is Excessive
Illustration of the limit of eating dates per day. (Freepic/8photo)

YOGYAKARTA - Dates are one of the good foods to eat to break the fast. Even eating dates is also recommended by the Prophet. Although it is beneficial for health, consuming excessive dates can actually cause side effects. So what is the limit to eating dates per day?

Dates are always identical as complementary foods for breaking the fast. Dates are indeed the fruit recommended for consumption during breaking the fast because they contain high sugar. Sugar and carbohydrate content in dates will be processed by the body to restore energy that is drained after fasting all day.

In addition to being consumed directly by the fruit, dates are also processed in various types of foods such as date juice, dates smoothie, cheese dates, and some of them. However, it should be noted so as not to eat a lot of dates at once. There is an ideal cut-off limit per day.

Many people ask how much is the maximum number of eating dates per day? According to health experts, good consumption of kumar during fasting can be divided into three pills, namely for sahur, open, and after fasting.

Consumption of three dates per day during fasting is sufficient limitation. In addition, consumption of dates must also be balanced by drinking water when breaking the fast. It is better to avoid consuming dates accompanied by sweet drinks, such as tea or tips.

In addition, the limit for consumption of dates per day also adjusts to a number of factors, ranging from age, health, and other conditions. So it is enough for consumption as necessary to adjust your respective conditions to avoid various effects that can interfere with health.

There are several health problems that can happen to you if you consume dates excessively. That's why even though it tastes delicious and beneficial for health, you need to limit your consumption of dates per day.

Here are a number of side effects from excessive consumption of dates:

Consumption of dates needs to be limited because this fruit has a very high sugar content. In two dates with a rather large size, you only have 37 grams of sugar content. If the consumption of dates is excessive, it can cause health problems in the form of diabetes.

Dates contain natural sweeteners that are almost equivalent to 30 grams of sugar. Because of its high sugar content, this fruit is considered a food with a high glycemic index (GI). GI is a measure of how fast foods can affect glucose levels in the blood.

In addition, another effect of eating excessive dates is that it can cause digestive problems. Dates contain high fiber, which is 100 grams of dates containing 7.5 grams of fiber.

Fiber makes the movements of the intestines faster. Excessive fiber intake can cause digestive problems, such as constipation, bloating stomach, frequent exhaustion of gas, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

The sweet taste found in dates comes from the content of fructose or natural sugar. In this regard, not everyone can digest fructose smoothly or well. This condition is called fructose intolerance. This condition will allow sugar to pass through the entire digestive system because fructose is not absorbed properly. When sugar reaches the intestines, this compound can cause diarrhea due to reactions to natural bacteria in the intestines.

Demikianlah review berapa batas makanan kurma per hari. Selalu untuk tidak menghabiskan kurma secara berlebihan meski buah ini memiliki banyak manfaat bagi kesehatan, terlebih untuk orang yang melakukan. Kurma memang memiliki berkekatiat baik bagi kesehatan tubuh karena mengungkui banyak nutrient, seperti sugar, fiber, potassium, iron, dan magnesium.

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