Deny Lee Do Hyun's Deliberative Agency Is Immediately Mandatory To The Military This Year
Lee Do Hyun (Instagram @ldh_sky)

JAKARTA - Lee Do Hyun's agency denied that the actor would be conscripted. This statement was released after several South Korean media reported that the actor would carry out his duties this year.

Previously, it was reported that Lee Do Hyun was preparing for military service requirements in the first half of this year. He will be discharged after completing filming for all his newest projects.

Yuehua Entertainment denied the news and stated, "Nothing has been decided yet. Because this is a mandatory task, we will let you know when the date is confirmed."

Lee Do Hyun is a 1995-born actor who is 27 years old this year. As a result, he still had one year before being required to register for military service.

It is known that the limit for delaying military service for men born in South Korea is 30 years. So far, Lee Do Hyun has not discussed when exactly he will apply for military service.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun is busy with his two latest dramas, The Glory's second part which will air on March 10. The second part is a continuation of the first part which has been released in 2022.

Then there is the drama The Good Bad Mother which will air on JTBC. He will compete acting with Ra Mi Ran and this drama will be one of the Netflix line-ups.

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