Why Is It Important To Reward Yourself Through Self Reward?
Illustration (Celine/Pexels)

JAKARTA - Self reward, or the activity of rewarding yourself, for most people seems too self-indulgent and selfish. It's actually not because this activity can help maintain mental health and motivate you to work harder and better, and can increase self-satisfaction.

In full, here are some reasons why self-reward is important after the hard work you've put in, launched HerWorld, Wednesday, 18 May.

Gives a happy feeling

Imagine that you get a coveted gift, a delicious meal, or a week's worth of overseas vacation. How do you feel about this? Very thrilling and happy for sure. That's what you will feel when you do self-reward, feeling happier.

When you get a reward (self reward), the brain will release a chemical called dopamine, this is what makes you feel more positive and happy.

Gives positive power

According to an article from JMC Academy, rewards can be a great way to motivate you to work even harder to achieve certain goals. When a behavior is followed by a favorable outcome, you are more likely to repeat the behavior and this is known as positive reinforcement.

That is, when you work hard and then get a pleasant reward, you will repeat the attitude of working hard to get other rewards in the future. Linking hard work with rewarding effectively is great for motivating.

Increases self-esteem

Besides being able to make you feel happier, self-reward can also help increase self-esteem. The reason is, giving rewards can validate self-esteem. It tells you that you are worthy and that feeling of pleasure deserves it. So giving small gifts can help boost self-esteem.

Relieves fatigue and stress

Doing self-reward can also be a great way to help relieve stress and fatigue. After pampering yourself, it will give you positive feelings and energy that can make you feel more ready to move again with a fresher mind, more focused, and more confident.

Doing activities and work becomes easier when you are not under stress, right?

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