5 Ways To Overcome Lower Back Pain After Having Sex With Husband And Wife
Illustration of low back pain after having sex with husband and wife (Freepik/Gpointstudio)

YOGYAKARTA – Lower back pain is a disturbing complaint. Especially if caused after making love with your partner. Because of this pain, a person may avoid having sex which has an impact not only on the physical condition, but also on the commitment and harmony of the relationship.

Michael R. Marks, MD., MBA., spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon, advises that people with chronic back pain should talk to their partner openly and consult a doctor immediately. There are many factors that influence back pain problems. Marks said, those who have chronic back pain problems often have arthritis in the spine. Some patients recovering from back surgery may also experience the same problem.

Based on Marks' recommendation, here's what you can do if you experience lower back pain after sex.

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Illustration of low back pain after having sex with husband and wife (Freepik/Drazen Zigic)

1. Talk openly with your partner

Quoting WebMD, Friday, May 13, about back pain and problems in love between couples, it is very important to discuss. Because it needs adjustments to choose the right position to prevent back pain from being experienced again.

Lauren Hebert, DPT., OCS., physical therapist and author of Sex and Back Pain, says you shouldn't be afraid to discuss it with your partner. Fear actually paralyzes intimacy with a partner. On the other hand, partners who are open to their problems will find it easier to find solutions together and the process will be more enjoyable.

2. Take precautions

Some prevention can be done, suggests Marks, with a warm bath before sex can reduce the risk of muscle spasms. Physical exercise also needs to be done, and reduce strenuous activity.

3. Try a new position

To make sex more comfortable, partners need to change their position. This requires the knowledge and agreement of each partner. People with back disc problems, will usually be more comfortable on the bottom. The key, make sure the back is well supported and doing the right position. For example, by adding a pillow at the bottom of the back.

4. Know when to stop

Sometimes back pain does not occur during sex, but after. Maybe you're doing the wrong position, or staying in a certain position for too long, and you will experience pain afterwards. So, advises Herbert, you should be aware of and evaluate when you feel pain after sex. If you experience it, limit sexual activity that causes pain and do it at a safe level of intensity.

5. Consult a doctor

If low back pain is often experienced despite trying new positions and practicing safe sexual activities, then consulting a doctor is most recommended. Because you can't find the cause, it's important for you and your partner to get the right solution from an expert.

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