Raiding Illegal Mask Making Warehouses That Many People Don't Know About
Raid on illegal mask manufacturing warehouse (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

JAKARTA - The spread of the Corona or Covid-19 virus has an impact on the rest of the world community, including in Indonesia. Various preventive efforts were made, one of which was by using a mask during outdoor activities.

The high public need for masks, leads to scarcity and expensive medical devices. The scarcity and high price of masks have been used by certain parties to seek profit.

From this phenomenon, Polda Metro Jaya received information on the existence of games in the procurement of medical devices. Several days later, the police found a spot where masks were suspected of hoarding. The location is in the Central Cakung warehouse area.

The police began to strategize and carry out raids at the place. On Friday, February 28, at noon, dozens of members prepared all the needs of the raid, starting from long-barreled firearms and bulletproof vests.

The VOI team had the opportunity to participate in the raid. About 20 minutes, we waited at the Metro Jaya Police Narcotics Detective Directorate yard. After the preparations are complete, the journey to the location of the raid continues.

We took the green bus (for incognito), while the police chose to drive the other three cars. The vehicle drivers step on the gas pedal deeply so that it is not cut off from the group. This group split the road which was currently busy.

Sirens sound almost during the trip. The atmosphere of the bus that we were traveling in was not impressed that there would be raids. Understandably, no police officers were with us, only journalists.

Until finally, we spent more than 45 minutes on the way to our destination. About 100 or 200 meters before reaching the target, the siren sound was no longer heard.

After that, we arrived at the warehouse complex. In front of the gate there is a large board that says 'Central Cakung'.

After passing through the gate, you must pass about 50 meters of paved road. Along this road, its sides are warehouses and container trucks.

Then, all the vehicles including the bus that we were riding in, turned left at the first intersection and then turned right.

Before long, the vehicle slowed down and stopped. The group stopped at a warehouse, two stories high, green and dark yellow. This building was the location of the raids.

We and the entourage went down together. However, the disclosure was not immediately carried out. Nine policemen dressed all in black first prepared their rifles before entering the location.

Their preparation before entering, only two minutes. After that, they went in to raid the warehouse suspected of hoarding masks. In front of the building, it reads PT Unotech Mega Persada.

Raid on illegal mask manufacturing warehouse (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

'Duaaaaaarr' the sound of the door being smashed loudly rang out. Nine fully armed members immediately rushed in. "Police, police."

We are also fast enough to stay behind them. Behind the broken glass door, there is a small room or about 1x3 meters. There was a wooden table and some documents. But unfortunately that's not where the perpetrators are.

Raid on illegal mask manufacturing warehouse (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

Then, the police pushed their way inside. The red iron ladder was right in front of the officers. They also climbed the stairs one by one.

On the top or second floor, the stack of cardboard is neatly lined up as far as the eye can see. The warehouse area is approximately 50 square meters, filled with piles of brown cardboard boxes containing rubber gloves.

There is not a single activity in that room. However, in the center of the warehouse was a sliding blue iron door that was slightly ajar. The police entered the room, it turned out that the door was a barrier between one warehouse and another.

In the warehouse, ten people were seen doing their activities. The police immediately shouted for them not to move or run away.

"Police, police, don't move !! Don't move !! Down, down !!," said several policemen who continued to each other.

In fact, the warehouse was not only used as a hoarding place. But it is also a place for making masks that do not have a permit.

Then, ten people who previously were making the masks were gathered in a corner of the warehouse.

A policeman in a light blue shirt also took command. He explained the origin and purpose and purpose of the raids.

"We are from the Directorate of Narcotics at Polda Metro Jaya, yes, carrying out the raid is suspected of making masks without permission," he said.

Raid on illegal mask manufacturing warehouse (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

We don't forget to capture everything that happens and whatever is there. Two sets of mask making tools are neatly lined up with the letter L pattern. In addition, several rolls of raw materials that resemble white and green cloth can be seen in one corner of the warehouse.

The raids were completed in a few minutes. Furthermore, the police will have the opportunity to provide information about this raid.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus takes command. He said, there were ten people who were brought by the police, he was YRH as the person in charge, EE the warehouse keeper, D machine operator, S and LF as the driver and F, DK, SL, SF, ER as workers. They were named as suspects. Meanwhile, one person is on the run, namely the warehouse owner.

This is because this warehouse does not have a permit for making masks. In addition, these masks do not meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health. Because, every mask should be equipped with an antivirus. However, in this case, the case-made masks only used raw materials such as green and white cloth.

"The rules for masks like this should have anti-virus in the middle, but there is no anti-protection at all. Preliminary research results show that these masks are fake, there are no health standards, there is no Indonesian National Standard or SNI," said Yusri.

Raid on illegal mask manufacturing warehouse (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

This factory is capable of producing thousands of illegal masks. The profit earned reaches IDR 250 million every day. That much profit, because they charge masks ten times the normal price.

From the temporary inspection, the illegal mask factory has been operating for one month, starting in January. When they were raided, around 600 boxes containing tens of thousands of illegal masks ready for distribution were confiscated as evidence.

"The total of all that we have managed to secure here is around 600 boxes, which contain approximately a total of 30,000 (masks)," said Yusri.

In addition, in making the illegal masks, the suspects used machines and raw materials imported directly from China.

"These are all new machines because he started operating since January. He read the situation that these masks were very much needed and the price could be 10 times the usual price so they brought these machines from China as well as materials from China," said Yusri.

For all the actions of the suspects who violated the law, the police charged them with layered articles, namely, the Health Law, the Trade Law, with a minimum threat of 5 years in prison and a fine of Rp 50 billion.

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