The Big Dream Of Ganjar Pranowo's Wife So That The Students Of SMK 1 Jepara Are Good At Online Selling
Atikoh Ganjar Pranowo (Photo of Central Java Provincial Government Public Relations)

JAKARTA - The Central Java Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) encourages vocational students to become entrepreneurs. So that it can create wide employment opportunities, with quality products.

This spirit was conveyed by the Head of the Central Java Dekranasda, Atikoh Ganjar Pranowo, when he opened the Entrepreneurship Workshop, Tips and Tricks for Selling Online on the Marketplace and Social Media, via virtual, to students of SMKN 1 Jepara, Tuesday, October 26, as quoted from the Central Java Provincial Government Public Relations.

"The hope is that with entrepreneurship, we can create jobs. Later, we determine the planning itself to the marketing itself. We hope that these junior high school students in Jepara will be able to become reliable entrepreneurs,” hoped Atikoh, to the students of SMKN 1 Jepara.

Atikoh explained, currently the entrepreneurship ratio in Indonesia has reached 3.47 percent. Therefore, the road to becoming an entrepreneur is still wide open. She said, entrepreneurship is not a job, but a mindset.

Thus, he said, students as young people are very suitable to become entrepreneurs. Given their tendency to like challenges, they don't like being subordinates. They are also good at creating opportunities. However, to become an entrepreneur, concept and idea capital is needed.

“For example, making bread without preservatives. The concept is healthy food, or processed seafood with a variety of flavors. It already has a concept,” said Atikoh.

The next capital is innovative, such as producing chili sauce with various flavors and others. Other characters are able to think quickly and understand situations, multitalented, many skills.

Not only that, she explained, young people are also required to master the latest technology, because it will make entrepreneurship easier. The students of SMKN 1 Jepara can see on a number of Youtube media pages, the Pinterest application, and so on.

Steps to be successful in becoming an entrepreneur include caring for the environment, positive and useful thinking, focus, being a good listener, don't be complacent and personal branding.

“Trust is everything. If it's online, the visuals displayed there are accepted. If there is criticism, we will accept it," he said.

A student of SMKN 1 Jepara, Sherly admitted, she has applied entrepreneurship by making snacks in the form of cakes. Then, the cake was sold to her neighbors.

“Initially I lack on money. Then I thought about making a cake. Finally, make cakes to sell to neighbors,” said Sherly.

Head of SMKN 1 Jepara Aris Hidayanto said this workshop was very useful for his students. In particular, encouraging students who have the skills to immediately do business practices.

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