Pelni Passengers Increase 155 Percent To 1.91 Million In Semester I 2022
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JAKARTA - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) until the first half of 2022 carried 1.91 million passengers, an increase of 155 percent compared to the same period in 2021. The five regions with the highest number of passengers include Makassar, Bau-Bau, Surabaya, Ambon, and Balikpapan.
"The number of passengers on the Pelni ship continues to grow in line with the increase in services, mainly due to the addition of wider ticket sales channels," said PT Pelni's passenger transportation business director Yahya Kuncoro in a statement in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Wednesday 10 August.
For pioneer ships, there was an increase of 36 percent or a total of 364,207 passengers.
During the first semester of 2022, the company recorded five ports with the most passengers for embarkation (departures) including Makassar with 137,629 passengers, Bau-Bau (102,299), Surabaya (102,054), Ambon (84,491) and Balikpapan (76,184).
Meanwhile, the ports with the highest number of passengers for debarkation (arrivals) include Makassar as many as 133,729, Surabaya (117,634), Bau-Bau (97,601), Balikpapan (85,914) and Ambon (74,645).
Yahya added that the busiest shipping segment was recorded on the Belawan-Batam section with 39,924 passengers, followed by the Batam-Belawan section (35,646), Pare Pare-Tarakan (26,142), Makassar-BauBau (23,330) and Bau Bau-Makassar (22,995).
"The distribution of Pelni ship passengers is still dominated by the central region by 48 percent, the eastern region by 27 percent and the western region by 25 percent," said Yahya.
Pelni operates 26 passenger ships and stops at 76 ports and serves 1,058 segments. In addition to passenger transportation, Pelni also serves 44 pioneer ship routes that stop at 281 ports with a total of 3,695 segments.
Pelni also operates 16 Rede Vessels. For logistics business services, currently Pelni operates 10 routes of the Sea Toll Road as well as one special route for livestock transportation.
For more information about shipping schedules, Pelni ship customers can access the Pelni social media account @Pelni162 or the Company's official website Information about PELNI ship services can also be asked through the call center 021-162 and WhatsApp at 0811-162-1-162.

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