PARIS - Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir paid a visit to Paris, France. Erick's visit to Paris was to attend an invitation from the FEudration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

On his official Instagram @erickthohir, he was also seen attending FIFA's 120th Anniversary celebration which took place at badminton Palace, the residence of French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, May 21.

"Today I attended FIFA's 120th Anniversary invitation at the residence of French President Emmanuel Macron," Erick wrote as quoted from his official Instagram, Wednesday, May 22.

At the meeting, Erick together with FIFA President Gianni Infantino and other football leaders discussed the power of football to unite the entire community in the world.

It is an honor to attend the 120th anniversary of FIFA at the Elysmen's Palace, Paris, France. This event was led by French President Emmanuel Macron and FIFA President Gianni Infantino," he said.

Erick said that the 120th anniversary of FIFA at the Elysmen's Palace reminded the history of Indonesian football, when Indonesia became the first Asian country to take part in the 1938 World Cup in France, under the Dutch East Indies name.

"France became a special place for Indonesian football to host the 1938 World Cup. At that time, Indonesia, named the Dutch East Indies, became the first country from Asia to participate in the World Cup," he explained.

Separately, the Special Staff of the Minister of SOEs Arya Sinulingga revealed that Erick Thohir's visit to Europe was not the Minister of SOEs, but focused on football.

Arya added that Erick also visited England and France this week for football purposes.

"So Mr. Erick in Europe is currently just for the ball, it's not a matter for SOEs. So he went to London and Paris yesterday, it was related to the ball, and in Paris there was an invitation from FIFA," Arya told VOI.

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