JAKARTA - PT Danareksa (Persero) (BUMN Holding Danareksa) continues to be committed to supporting various Indonesian Development programs carried out by the Government, one of which is in accelerating access to clean water through the Indonesia Water Fund (IWF).

As the government's mandate to accelerate 15 million access to clean water, Danareksa made achievements in the implementation of the IWF, namely with the construction of the Bandung SPAM (Drinkwater Management System) through the establishment of a Consortium consisting of the Danareksa BUMN Holding ecosystem along with PT CITIC Environmentaltech Indonesia (CITIC) and SUEZ (Singapore) Services Pte Ltd.

The announcement of this consortium was made at the 10th World Water Forum event in Nusa Dua, Bali, and witnessed directly by the Deputy Minister of SOEs, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo and the Secretary of the Ministry of SOEs, Rabin Hattari.

The formation of a consortium as the initiator of the Bandung SPAM is a real step for the IWF which is fully supported by the Bandung City Government and Perumda Tirtawening and will be continued with the construction of a water treatment plan (wtp) which is projected to have a capacity of 3,500 ls (liters per second), so that later it can add more than 130 thousand new house connections in Bandung City and expand clean water coverage for residents of Bandung City.

The announcement of the formation of this consortium was made directly by the President Director of PT Danareksa, Yadi Jaya Rudand; President Director of Perumda Tirtawening, Sonny Salimi, Director of PT CITIC Environmentaltech Indonesia, Dr. Chong Weng Ciew; Managing Director of SUEZ (Singapore) Services Pte Ltd, Mr. Farchad Kaviani; President Director of Perum Jasa Tirta II, Imam Santoso.

President Director of PT Danareksa, Yadi Jaya Ruchandi, said that his party continues to be committed to supporting government programs in accelerating access to clean water.

"We thank the Deputy Minister of SOEs, Mr. Kartika Wirjoatmodjo and the Ministry of SOEs for their support for the IWF which was initiated in 2022, hopefully this will run smoothly and according to our targets together," he said, in a written statement, Monday, May 20.

To further strengthen Danareksa's commitment to implementing the IWF, several signatories were also carried out with various parties, such as:

1. Extended IWF MoU With Strategic Partner

It is an extension of the MoU with PT CITIC Environmentaltech Indonesia and SUEZ (Singapore) Services Pte. Ltd as a strategic partner related to the cooperation plan for the formation and investment.

2. The signing of Annex on the Heads of Agreement related to WWTP at PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara

The WWTP development plan with a capacity of 150lps in the KBN area is an underground WWTP pilot project in Indonesia, with an underground WWTP benchmark belonging to CITIC in Guangzhou, Jianxi.

3. MoU Collaborates with Consultant Karya - CITIC

This is the initial agreement between CITIC and PT Virama Karya (Persero) to strengthen cooperation in their respective working areas. CITIC appointed Virama Karya as the selected partner consultant for its projects in Indonesia.

On this occasion, the Deputy Minister of SOEs, Kartika Wirjoatmodo, expressed his support for Danareksa and said, to overcome the problem of clean water, several steps need to be encouraged, including by carrying out infrastructure development, sustainable water resource management, technology utilization, and continuing to open the positivity of cooperation with the private sector.

"Let's work hard together and be committed to being able to help realize a clean water event that is equitable and sustainable for all Indonesian people," said Kartika.

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