JAKARTA - The Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Ministry of VAT/Bappenas) revealed that the focus of future connectivity development is directed to eastern Indonesia.

"This is important in terms of transportation, considering that the focus of transportation development must have started to eastern Indonesia," said Director of Transportation for the Deputy for Facilities and Infrastructure of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Saturday, May 18.

According to him, the relocation of the state capital from Jakarta on the island of Java to the capital city of the archipelago (IKN), East Kalimantan in order to change the constellation of connectivity and hopefully boost the economy of eastern Indonesia.

The approach to connectivity development in eastern Indonesia is somewhat different from western Indonesia, because in eastern Indonesia there are many waters, it can even create what is called marine agglomeration.

Thus, the construction of connectivity must be easy, mass and fast sea transportation if the regions in eastern Indonesia want to become marine agglomeration. The eastern region of Indonesia needs a greater boost considering Indonesia's future sources of growth will be more in the region.

"This is our focus going forward. Therefore, how can we build the eastern region of Indonesia better, including its connectivity because this is developing territory," said Tri Dewi Virgiyanti.

Attachment to Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 63 of 2022 concerning Details of the Main Plan for the Capital City of the Archipelago states that the vision of the Capital City of the Archipelago is "World City for All".

The vision of the capital city of Nusantara confirms that the development and development of the capital city of the archipelago will govern global standards, become a driving engine for Kalimantan, and trigger the strengthening of domestic value chains throughout eastern Indonesia.

The capital city of Nusantara in the midst of Indonesia will place Indonesia in a more strategic position in the world trade route, investment flow, and technological innovation.

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