Jokowi Together With Minister Basuki Inaugurate Ancol Sentiong Pump
President Joko Widodo. (Photo: Doc. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said the Ancol Sentiong Pump Station in North Jakarta will be inaugurated this afternoon.

Later, the inauguration will be carried out by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

"At 11 o'clock, the Sentiong Flood Pump will be inaugurated. This is 5x10 cubic meters per second, so 50 cubic meters per second for flood pumps," said Minister Basuki when met at the PUPR Ministry Building, Jakarta, Monday, December 11.

The Sentiong Flood Pump itself has been built by the Ministry of PUPR together with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for 2020-2023 with construction costs reaching Rp481.37 billion.

In addition to building pumps, the scope of work of the Ministry of PUPR also includes the construction of embankments and the normalization of times as long as 350 meters.

Basuki assessed that the Sentiong Flood Pump could secure 7 sub-districts in DKI Jakarta from the threat of flooding.

According to him, the Sentiong Flood Pump can also change the condition of the Item River to no longer black with the ability to patch or flush mud during the dry season by the Sentiong Flood Pump.

"This is Sukamahi-Ciawi (the Dam) which was then in Katulampa. Apparently, from Katulampa we had a continuous part towards Kali Item. Then Kali Sentiong, this is what we will use later for patching," he said.

"Now it's black, but I'm sure if we can function this, there won't be a year, it won't be black anymore," added Basuki.

As previously reported, the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono claimed that the Ancol Sentiong Pump has been operating will be able to reduce the impact of flooding on nine urban villages in North Jakarta.

"This is Sunter Agung, Sunter Jaya, then Tanjung Priok (the puddle) is attracted. Then some Warakas, Papanggo, Gunung Sahari, Ancol, Kampung Bandan. There are eight to nine urban villages that can be overcome or utilized by this project," said Heru.

Heru asked all staff, especially the DKI Jakarta Water Resources Service (SDA) to immediately accelerate coordination, and will communicate with BBWSCC so that the construction of the Sentiong Pump can be accelerated.

"Earlier I asked to speed it up. So, before next year's rainy season it can be completed. So, during the rainy season, the results can be seen (can be overcome). Then, for the two existing pumps, it can be used for (anticipation of the rainy season) which starts this October," said Heru.

This development is the authority of the Ministry of PUPR, through the Ciliwung-Cisadane River Basin Center (BBWSCC).

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