Ramadan Arrives, Demand For Kolang-kaling At Rangkasbitung Market Reaches 500 Kg Per Day
Kalang kolang traders at the Rangkasbitung market, Lebak Regency were overwhelmed with serving consumer demand in the month of Ramadan. (DOC. ANTARA)

LEBAK Regency- Demand for collangs during Ramadan has increased rapidly at Rangkasbitung Market, Lebak Regency, Banten. Per day, traders there claim to be able to sell 500 kilograms compared to normal days of 100 kilograms.

"We in two days of Ramadan fasting got the proceeds from the sale of Rp10 million/day collangs at a price of Rp20 thousand from 500 kilograms," explained Sulaeman (45), a collang Kaling trader at Rangkasbitung Market, Lebak Regency, quoted from ANTARA, Saturday, March 25.

Sulaeman continued, the people there have made the collang kaling from the ISN tree a tradition to break the fast during Ramadan. These calcions are used as collaxes and a mixture of ice drinks.

"We were greatly helped by selling kolang kalang which increased during Ramadan," he said.

Sulaeman also said that the kalang collang he sold was obtained from palm farmers in Malingping District. Farmers there are said to produce collangs and then distribute them to a number of areas in Banten.

Meanwhile, Junaedi (45) collects collangs in Rangkasbitung admitted that every day he can reap a profit of around Rp. 2 million.

Kolang-kaling yang ia mendapatkan berasal dari petani Kecamatan Sobang, Cigemblong, Cibeber, Muncang dan Cijaku. Daerah-region itu merupakan sentra perkebunan aren yang menghasilkan kolang-kaling dan sugar Isn.

"We can sell between three and four tons a day from the previous one ton," he said.

According to Junaedi, the quality of the Telang Kaling Company in Lebak Regency is quite good, so there are many requests from the area to Tangerang and DKI Jakarta.

Currently, he said, the high demand for collangs is very profitable for farmers.

"We are sometimes overwhelmed by the request of retailers during Ramadan," he concluded.

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