Reflection On The Dissolution Of West Java Quick Response: Change Of Policy Change Leaders Is A Culture That Must Be Removed
West Java Quick Response when launched by Governor Ridwan Kamil in Bandung on September 18, 2018. (Between/Raisan Al Farisi)

The news of the disbandment of the West Java Quick Response (JQR) team shocked many parties. It was the Acting Governor of West Java Bey Machmudin who signed the disbandment of JQR from his predecessor, Ridwan Kamil.

Information on the disbandment of JQR was conveyed by the Head of the West Java Communication and Information Agency (Diskominfo) Ika Mardiah. He said the flagship program in Ridwan Kamil's leadership era was officially disbanded on December 31, 2023 after contributing for five years.

"We are grateful to JQR for carrying out their extraordinary tasks and hopefully what has been done will bring benefits to all," said Ira in her official statement, Thursday (4/1/2024).

Before JQR was officially disbanded, West Java Governor Bey Machmudin admitted that he would evaluate a number of programs in 2024. At that time, Bey said there was a program that could be continued or terminated this year and JQR was one of them.

"There is something good in the provincial government, what is not good we drop and of course we maintain it," said Bey at Gedung Sate at the end of December 2023.

The news of the disbandment of JQR drew negative reactions from the majority of the people, especially West Java residents, because the existence of JQR was considered to have made a big contribution to the people of Tanah Pasundan.

"Why was it disbanded, even though in the Bandung government it was JQR who often responded quickly," said an Instagram user in the comment column of the @jabarquickresponse account.

Former Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil also did not cover up his disappointment with Bey Machmudin's decision to dissolve the JQR team, but he could not do much because he was no longer the number one person in West Java.

"According to the Acting Governor in the media, JQR does not provide benefits to the people, so it is disbanded," Ridwan Kamil wrote when asked by his followers about his response regarding the disbandment of JQR.

"I am sad but respect his decision because he has power now."

The disbandment of the JQR team has also attracted the attention of public policy observers from Trisakti University Trubus Rahardiansyah. He regretted the decision of the Acting Governor of West Java to dissolve the JQR, even though he had a big role in serving the community.

"In my opinion, this is an inappropriate policy, because the existence of JQR is a form of public service, in relation to complaints, proposals. If this is closed, where will the public distribute it?" Trubus said when contacted by VOI.

According to Trubus, programs that have a positive impact on society should be continued, even strengthened, not disbanded, so as to leave a negative image on the Acting Governor in office.

On the same occasion, Trubus also highlighted the culture in Indonesia where new leaders often changed the programs or policies made by previous officials. Trubus said that the removal and change of programs carried out by the new leaders were solely due to selfish nature.

If a policy or program is long-term, it should not be replaced. The change of leadership coupled with the change of program is a chronic disease in Indonesia. This is a form of intimidation, intolerance and only prioritizing the group or group itself. A culture like this should be abandoned," Trubus asserted.

Citing its official website, JQR was present to answer the urgency of the people of West Java who needed quick handling from the government in an emergency. JQR has a big goal as a Social Movement as well as innovation for the seriousness of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdakov) to provide a decision or first aid solution (fist Aid) for residents.

This humanitarian program was launched by the Governor of West Java at that time, Ridwan Kamil on September 18, 2018. Since the launch of the program, JQR has immediately received various complaints from the people of West Java. One of the vital roles of JQR is to become an institution that helps deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, to humanitarian aid matters for victims of the Cianjur earthquake at the end of 2022.

In January 2022, JQR also took part in the repatriation of the body of an Egyptian Navy-Azhar student, Nurhayati Murofiq from Cianjur who died in Cairo.

During his five years of work, JQR has reached 2,622 villages out of 605 sub-districts spread across 27 regencies and cities in West Java. The presence of JQR was also felt by 166,547 people.

Thanks to a series of positive performances, JQR received an award from the National SAR Agency (Basarnas). The award was given because JQR was considered a partner in organizing SAR socialization activities and organizing SAR operations in the Bandung Search and Rescue Office Basarnas working area in 2022. Three years earlier, Ridwan Kamil also received an Innovative Regional Head 2019 award for the community service program category through the JQR program.

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