Netray Monitoring: Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi's Popularity On Social Media After Quoting Israel's Attack On Indonesian Hospitals In Gaza
Smoke billowed following an Israeli attack near the Indonesian Hospital, which ran out of fuel and electricity, in the northern Gaza Strip (12/11/2023). (Between/Reuters/Anas al-Shareef/aa)

JAKARTA - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Retno Marsudi has attracted the attention of netizens because of her firmness in condemning the Israeli military attack on Indonesian hospitals in Gaza.

The Israeli military viciously attacked the Gaza region, which they refer to in retaliation for the Hamas sudden attack on October 7, 2023. During more than 45 days of fighting, the Israeli military also targeted at least three hospitals, namely Al Expert Hospital, Al Shifa Hospital, and Indonesian Hospital in Bait Lahia, North Gaza.

Al Expert Hospital was bombed on October 17 to the point of death of Palestinians. Then Al Shifa Hospital, which is Gaza's largest hospital, was hit by a missile strike on November 15 which left several casualties and dozens more injured.

Criticism after criticism was conveyed by people around the world for Israel to stop attacks, especially to hospitals. However, Israeli military soldiers did not budge.

Instead of stopping the attack, they actually surrounded Indonesian hospitals since November 19. A day later, Indonesian hospitals received airstrikes which left 12 people dead and at least 120 people seriously injured. The victims who died were a medical team and civilians who took refuge in Indonesian hospitals.

Israel claims hospitals in the Gaza Strip as a hiding nest for Hamas troops, so they feel 'permissible' to destroy hospitals.

In fact, this is clearly prohibited, as stated in the International Humanitarian Law or law of war, stipulates that civilians, medical personnel and hospitals are included in objects that should not be attacked in war even though they are targets of retaliation.

Indonesia is among the most aggressive in voicing the termination of the Hamas-Israeli conflict, as stated by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

The Israeli army's attack on Indonesian hospitals certainly did not escape the public's attention.Netray also conducted monitoring on social media to see the most influential actors or accounts in providing information regarding the situation of Indonesian hospitals in Gaza on social media X and TikTok.

Through the word key in Indonesia in the period 16 to 22 November 2023, 76.6 thousand uploads of netizens X from 14.4 thousand accounts were able to reap reactions (impression) of up to 130 million. Upload X is dominated by a negative tone that depicts a terrible situation.

Meanwhile, the TikTok platform found 113 video uploads that had been played 944.2 thousand times and received an impression from netizens of 139.5 thousand.

Apart from social media, Netray also monitors through online media coverage, using the same keywords and periods. From the monitoring results, there were 263 articles from 86 media that reported the situation of Indonesian hospitals and related topics.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi became the most widely mentioned community entity during the monitoring period. He received a lot of praise after issuing a statement that Indonesia condemned the Israeli attack on Indonesian hospitals in Gaza which made civilians victims.

He emphasized that Israel's attack on Indonesian hospitals was a violation of International Humanitarian Law.

"The attack is a real violation of international humanitarian law," Retno said, citing Antara.

Not only that, but Retno also urged all countries, especially those with close ties to Israel, to use their influence and ability to urge Israel to stop its atrocities.

Apart from Retno, another name that is also popular in online media is Sarbini, the Chair of the MER-C Presidium. In third place is Al-Kahhow. The Director of the Indonesian Hospital Atef Al-Kahout is widely mentioned regarding the operation of Indonesian hospitals when and after the attack occurred.

Attacks by Israel against a number of hospitals and schools in the Gaza region have killed civilians in triggering public unrest, not only in Indonesia but also around the world.

Israel is said to have violated International Humanitarian Law, as reported by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and many other figures.

What is International Humanitarian Law?

Citing the Kemdikbud page, International Humanitarian Law is a group of regulations made on humanitarian grounds and aims to limit the impact of armed conflict.

In general, the International Humanitarian Law contains the protection of those who are not involved in war, namely civilians, soldiers who are no longer capable of fighting, and others. Points are clearly regulated in the 1949 Geneva Convention.

In addition, International Humanitarian Law also regulates restrictions on war tools and methods, sourced in Two Additional 1977 Protocols.

International Humanitarian law applies when a war situation occurs. In detail, there are two conditions that make this law applicable.

First, is the International Armed Conflict (KBI), which is a situation in which there is a deployment of armed forces involving a minimum of two countries.

Second, Non-International Armed Conflict, this situation occurs in one country, for example the conflict between the government's armed forces and non-governmental groups.

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