Regarding The Issue Of Iriana Jokowi's Role In Candidates For Gibran's Vice President: Between Love And Ethical Learning
Iriana Joko Widodo witnessed his three children, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Kahiyang Ayu, and Kaesang Pangarep taking a group photo. (Instagram/@ayanggkahiyang)

JAKARTA Ahead of the official 2024 Presidential Election campaign (Pilpres) on November 28, Surakarta Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka continues to be hit by unpleasant issues. Lately, the issue of First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo is the main actor behind Gibran's candidacy as a vice presidential candidate sticking out and seems to be a new problem for the Vice Presidential Candidate number two.

Citing Tika Bisono's senior psychologist's statement, there is nothing wrong when parents encourage their children to move forward. But it would be wrong if this was done inappropriately and inappropriately in the situation.

The question now is if it is true that Iriana forced her will to commit political jokes in order to perpetuate Gibran's steps, what was behind his actions?

Gibran repeatedly emphasized that he was not interested in following his father into politics and only wanted to focus on business. That he said last time in 2018.

Not long ago, Gibran changed his mind and chose PDIP as his political vehicle, just like Jokowi. At the time of his partnership, the 36-year-old men's businesses were also silent, there was no significant progress. Selvi Ananda's husband then made the 2020 Surakarta Pilkada his first political battle, and won.

Not yet completed his task of leading Surakarta, Gibran suddenly ran as a vice presidential candidate from the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) accompanying Prabowo Subianto. All the obstacles that had prevented Gibran from finally turning into a smoother to run as a vice presidential candidate.

According to political communication observer from Padjadjaran University, Kunto Adi Wibowo, this change in Gibran's principle, which is quite fast, sparked questions in the minds of the public.

"This is something that is unnatural. President Jokowi at the beginning of his leadership was considered a very democratic figure, but it turned out to be turning to dynastic politics so this raises many questions. Who influenced this? " said Kunto Adi Wibowo in an interview with Kompas TV.

Regarding Iriana's support for Gibran as her eldest child, Kunto considered that there was nothing strange. But it got strange because Iriana was still the first lady, so there was a conflict of interest.

What is wrong is that Iriana's position as the first lady creates a conflict of interest when she encourages her child to become a vice presidential candidate. This conflict of interest is inappropriate, inappropriate," explained the man who was born in 1977.

"This is not against the law, but if conflicts of interest are allowed to drag on, we will finally witness the fertile practice of corruption, collusion, nepotism (KKN)," said Kunto again.

In addition to the issue of extending the power of Jokowi's route, Iriana's role in encouraging her son to run as a vice presidential candidate is also because the First Lady is reportedly not harmonious with PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Iriana was not happy that her husband was constantly referred to as a party official, even after winning the two-term presidential election. The peak was during the celebration of PDIP's 50th birthday at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on January 10, 2023. In his remarks before the party's politician bearing the white muzzle, Megawati was considered to have offended Jokowi.

"Mr. Jokowi, you know, he's tough, right. I see, even though Pak Jokowi, if there is no PDI-P, he's sorry," said Megawati, who was greeted by laughter from party cadres who were present.

Since the incident, Iriana has reportedly strengthened her determination to 'throw' Gibran into the presidential election fight. He is also said to have started seeking support from the extended family at the moment of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Iriana is also an active person who is looking for votes to Jokowi volunteers to give his blessing to Gibran.

However, despite whatever is the background of Iriana, Kunto Adi Wibowo said this form of political jokes deserves to be questioned. He also predicts that this gossip will affect the electability of Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka's partner.

"Even if this doesn't become a scandal, this is something surprising for Indonesian citizens how big the role of the first lady is to encourage Gibran to run as a vice presidential candidate, it is very possible that there are other forms of chaos that we don't know," Kunto said.

"The public is curious about what else Iriana and Jokowi's family are doing. At the same time, opening a Pandora box is very likely to affect electability," he said.

In line with Kunto Adi Wibowo, psychologist Tika Bisono also said, if the news that said Iriana Jokowi was doing political jokes in providing his support to Gibran, then this was an act that violated ethics. Moreover, Gibran has no qualified action in the political arena.

"He should have known himself. Gibran doesn't have a good track record in the organization, there's no politics either," Tika Bisono told VOI.

"If the news about Iriana is true, that a mother does everything she can for her child, then this is an ethical criminal or ethical crime," said Tika again.

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