"Goodness Bang Jago!" Goes To International For Myanmar Coup
Action aerobics viral (screenshot Twitter @VonKoutli)

JAKARTA - A video showing a woman doing aerobics suddenly went viral on social media. Interestingly, the gymnastic background music used was entitled 'Ampun Bang Jago'.

Viewed by VOI, the 1.49-minute video upload has been retweeted 39.9 thousand times and has been tweeted by netizens 170 thousand times. Inevitably the hashtag #Ampun Bang Jago is perched on the trending topic of Twitter.

Many Wargatnet from Indonesia have commented or re-uploaded the aerobic exercise video in Myanmar. Not a few are also proud because they think the Myanmar coup has made Indonesian songs popular.

"My goodness, Bang Jago 'goes to International," wrote the netizen.

"The Myanmar military carried out the coup, the Indonesian artist who went viral. My goodness, Sir," commented another netizen.

There were also netizens who described "Ampun Bang Jago" as a sarcastic sentence to mock the arrogant attitude of police or military officers. Given the situation of the military coup that occurred in Myanmar.

"Geez, Bang Jago Kudeta is fought rocking! Is this a form of resistance from the contemporary era?" Commented the netizen.

Not only in Myanmar, the song Ampun Bang Jago, sung by Tian Storm and Everslkr, was also played in many mass actions. In fact, because of TikTok, the English club West Ham United also used this song as the background for their video.

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