Benny Mamoto: Listyo Sigit Follows Kompolnas Recommendations, Police Will Not Handle Cases
The National Police Chief was elected, Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo during a press conference (Photo: Indonesian Police Public Relations)

JAKARTA - The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) said that the new National Police Chief, Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo, had followed his party's recommendation regarding the elimination of the authority to handle cases at the Police level.

"This actually has become a recommendation from Kompolnas. So we have submitted to the President, among other things, how the police no longer handle cases but provide guidance to the community. So this is a new thing because it starts with the leadership of Mr. Listyo Sigit," said Kompolnas Daily Chairman Benny Mamoto in a discussion. online, Sunday, January 24.

The elimination of this case investigation function was due to the police lack of fleets, facilities and weapons. Thus, the police can become an easy target for angry people if they do not like the ongoing case investigation.

"We all know that there was a burning of the police station, an attack on the police station, and we know that the condition of the police station is the number of personnel, and the weaponry, the facilities are limited. It is very weak to be attacked by those who do not like it," he said.

However, Benny explained that not all polsek will be deprived of their authority to handle public complaint cases. A number of polsek who have qualified personnel and equipment will carry out the function of investigating cases.

Meanwhile, the rest, said Benny, will be replaced to provide guidance to the community.

"I see the polsek become community coaches. How do they protect the community and together with the community in a friendly atmosphere. So that problems that arise can be resolved whether with community leaders, religious leaders, local traditional leaders," he said.

It is known, in the fit and proper test, Komjen Listyo said that the duties of the police at the sub-district level would not be burdened with handling law enforcement. He said the police would be more concerned with maintaining security and public order (harkamtibmas) and resolving problems with a restorative justice approach.

As for the task of enforcing the law by the police in several areas, it will later be withdrawn to the police and regional police levels.

Previously reported, the Indonesian Parliament has officially approved Komjen Listyo Sigit as the National Police Chief.

This decision was made after Listyo Sigit underwent a fit and proper test before Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament on Wednesday, January 20. Furthermore, regarding this agreement, the Indonesian Parliament has also sent a letter of approval to the Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg) on Friday, January 22 yesterday.

"The National Police Chief's approval letter to the President through the State Secretary has been submitted with letter Number PW / 00958 / DPR / 1-2021. So the SK and the approval letter have been submitted," Secretary General of DPR RI Indra Iskandar told reporters, Friday, January 22.

Furthermore, after the letter was received, Indra said that the inauguration of Komjen Listyo would take place before the end of January. "Surely the inauguration will be carried out before January 30th. In accordance with the Kapolri pension limit," he concluded.

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