Popular Because Of Sweet Home, Song Kang Amazed
Song Kang (Instagram @namooactors)

JAKARTA - Young actor Song Kang is being loved. Through his role in the Netflix series Sweet Home, his name has grown in popularity and he has realized this attention.

Speaking to Elle Korea, Song Kang admitted that he was still amazed at the attention of fans towards him. Her growing Instagram followers and appreciation for her role keep coming.

“I wanted to watch the final version with music, so I purposely didn't see the edited version. When (Sweet Home) was released, I watched it and it was great. I watch the series every day, "said Song Kang quoted from Ilgan Sports today, January 14.

Love Alarm, Song Kang's first Netflix original series, became the starting point for its popularity. He plays Hwang Sun Oh, a wealthy high school student who likes Kim Jo Jo (played by Kim So Hyun).

Song Kang has finished filming the second season of Love Alarm and is currently focusing on the Korean drama Navillera.

Adapted from a webtoon, Song Kang plays Chae Rok, a man who started his ballet career at the age of 23 but has extraordinary talent.

Both of Song Kang's newest projects are planned to air in 2021.

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