Inter-Football Supporterributs OCCUR, Police Ask All Parties To Evaluate
Illustration of football supporters. (PSSI Twitter)

JAKARTA In the case of throwing stones experienced by players and the Persis Solo Official team that occurred in Tangerang Regency, Saturday, January 28, this is not the first time this has happened. This action has also happened before that experienced by other football teams.

Responding to the issue, Polda Metro Jaya officers said that each must conduct a security evaluation.

"This evaluation (security) is (an responsibility) to the parties, yes, not only the police. The police are optimal but without the support of the parties, the awareness of the parties, that's what is expected," said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko to reporters, Sunday, January 29.

A number of related parties referred to by Kombes Trunoyudo are those involved in football sports events, ranging from match committees, football supporters and others.

"Jadi jangan polisi terus, tapi para pihak semua juga harus evaluasi. Baik para suporter kebelasan (sepak bola), ini semua juga menjadi evaluasi," katanya.

So far, he continued, the National Police has provided protection, protection and services. But in this case, if there is no evaluation support from the parties, how long will it take.

"All parties - these supporters are also learning, for other supporters, it's not generalizing (annihilating) yes. But with this incident, all owners of supporters or managers or coordinators must also evaluate as well. So for the sake of sports, the sport is unifying the nation," he said.

Previously, the match continued with Liga 1 Indonesia which brought Persita Tangerang together with Persis Solo at the Indomilk Stadium, Tangerang Regency, Saturday, 28, was again marked by chaos by unscrupulous supporters. This time it happened outside the stadium.

The action of the gang of supporters allegedly threw stones at the bus that killed the players and the Official Persis Solo.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account @timasday45, it can be seen that the actions of unscrupulous groups of supporters threw away, causing the glass in front of the bus carrying the players and the official team of Persis Solo to break.

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