Razman Nasution Sindir Lawyer Alvin Lim Who Continues To Criticize The Police: I Checked KAI No Name
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JAKARTA - Lawyer Razman Arif Nasution is also furious with Alvin Lim's chatter, which is considered to have blasphemed the Polri institution. Alvin Lim's chatter is also considered to have damaged the reputation of the advocate profession in Indonesia.

Razman defended the police who called Alvin Lim managing the case. According to him, a lawyer's words must be based on a presumption of innocence.

"He (Alvin Lim) is just playing accusations, that's why I ask for legal proceedings," said Razman Arif Nasution, Saturday, January 22.

Razman personally admitted that there was no problem with Alvin Lim. However, Alvin's chatter is considered to have disturbed and tarnished the lawyer's profession. I don't know which advocate professional organization he is from, I don't know," he said.

Razman said that the parent organization where Alvin Lim belongs should give him a sanction. Moreover, the ways he did have tarnished the world of advocates.

"That's why I say, law enforcement will not hesitate, just process it," he said. he said an advocate has rules in conveying something.

"His chatter has so far been considered to have disturbed the situation of many people". At the end of December 2021, Alvin Lim was sued for Rp. 100 billion by Panda Nababan and PT the Indonesian Court of Justice (Majalah Keadilan). He was considered to have committed defamation. The legal effort was carried out through advocates Law Offices Fajar Gora & Partners.

"This step was taken in response to the actions/deeds of brother Alvin Lim who were deemed to have attacked the good name, reputation, honor and/or dignity of PT the Indonesian Justice Court as the owner of the Indonesian Justice and Political Justice Magazine (Majalah Keadilan) and Mr. Panda Nababan as a senior national press figure. ," said Fajar Gora.

Fajar Gora said the lawsuit filed was based on an unlawful act. Where the actions of the defendant, Alvin Lim, have violated the principles of decency and morality and have violated the subjective rights of Plaintiff I PT the Indonesian Justice Court and Plaintiff II Panda Nababan.

Previously in April 2021, Polda Metro Jaya will examine Alvin Lim regarding allegations of embezzlement of customer funds worth Rp. 80 billion. Alvin was reported by a Fikasa Group customer to the Polda Metro Jaya in April 2021. This report is related to the alleged embezzlement of securities in the form of bilyets belonging to 70 customers worth IDR 80 billion.

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