NFT Bored Ape Developer, Yuga Labs, Prepares To Create Blockchain Game Projects

JAKARTA - Yuga Labs, the developer of the famous NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, plans to present a new NFT game. Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, recently provided an "update" through his official X account.

This announcement was enthusiastically welcomed by BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) owners and crypto enthusiasts in general. Solano explained that this update is part of his commitment to provide periodic reports for 10 days to maintain transparency with the community.

Yuga Labs, which currently holds the title as the largest digital collection franchise in the crypto industry, is working to bring a more concrete product. Solano admits that his company has not yet reached an ideal point in terms of product development, but he remains optimistic about a number of innovations being worked on.

Solano announced the first project was ODK. ODK is referred to as "the best way to build and monetize 3D games or social experiences in the crypto world." Focus on ODK indicates that Yuga Labs is intensively innovating in the realm of gaming.

Apart from ODK, Yuga Labs is also working on Project Dragon. Solano explained that Project Dragon is a shootout game set in the absurd team fight story. Interestingly, this game will be built using the same toolset as ODK.

Outside of the gaming project, Yuga Labs also prepared "ApeFest," a special event that will bring together thousands of Bored Ape owners from 56 countries around the world. The event will be held in a historic 15th-century monastery. To enliven the event, Yuga Labs plans to create and distribute special merchandise.

Solano also revealed that the Yuga Labs team is exploring BAYC integration with physical goods. This step aims to further strengthen the value and usability of the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Yuga Labs Rely On NFT And Game

Not long ago, Yuga Labs became a hot topic of conversation following the company's restructuring decision accompanied by the termination of employment (PHK) of some employees. In the midst of this restructuring step, Yuga Labs has actually intensified its position in the game realm.

One of the innovations being developed is Dookey Dash, a simple game with a "play-to-earn" mechanism that has the potential to reward his players with 1 million US dollars (around Rp. 16 billion).

Overall, Yuga Labs is working to expand its cooperation network with various parties to bring more games that can attract users. With these efforts, Yuga Labs has ambitions to further strengthen BAYC's existence and its ecosystem in the future.