Hyundai Plans To Launch All New Kona Electric This Week

JAKARTA - After being introduced and attracting the attention of many people at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024, the launch of the Hyundai All New Kona Electric seems to be getting closer.

This was revealed by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PT HMID Franciscus Soerjopranoto, he said PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) had conducted several stages of the study.

"After going through several stages of study since the IIMS event, we are ready to launch two of Hyundai's newest products, namely the All New Kona Electric," he told VOI, Thursday, May 23.

Furthermore, he said Hyundai had determined the selling price and a definite delivery time plan for the All New Kona Electric model. However, he did not elaborate on the above plans.

"We have determined the selling price and the delivery time plan," he added.

The man who is familiarly called Suryo said Hyundai plans to inform the price of All New Kona Electric along with ALOHA Mid Year Event.

"The event will be held from 23-26 May 2024 at ALOHA Pantai Indah Kapuk," he explained.

Not only All New Kona Electric, Hyundai will also launch the XRT Coalition on the same occasion, as well as announce its prices and shipments.

"In the midst of the sluggish market, we must have the courage to present something," he said.