Carrying Various Safety Features, Fourth Generation Suzuki Swift Wins Four Star In NCAP Japan Collision Test

JAKARTA - After being introduced for the first time at the Japan Mobility Show (JMS) 2023, Suzuki will soon make his debut in several markets, including Japan and India in the near future.

The fourth-generation Hatchback received a number of striking changes to the exterior so that it was equipped with advanced features. In addition, this car also got impressive results in the hit test conducted by the Japan New Car Assessment Program (Japan NCAP).

Reporting from, Saturday, April 20, the car got four or 177.8 points from 197 points in the overall evaluation, in the hit test after going through various procedures carried out by this independent safety agency.

Testing begins with head-on collisions at a speed of 55 km/hour getting good results, namely level 4 on driver seats and passenger seats getting level 5 or the highest.

In addition, testing on the autonomous emergency braking system between cars acquired level 5, followed by the same testing on pedestrians during the day and night of the same value.

However, this car received evaluation material for testing the frontal collision test offset on the driver's seat with level 4 and on the rear passenger who received level 3.

With the acquisition in various tests, this Suzuki Swift got a score of 88.70 out of 89 Rank A points in preventive safety performance and 81.10 out of 100 Rank B points on collision safety performance.

In terms of safety, the latest Swift is equipped with Dual Sensor Brake Support II which combines millimeter wave radar and monocular cameras. Other safety features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Brave Hold Function with Electronic Parking Brakes, Lane Keep Assist, and Adaptive High Beam System.

Another advanced technology embedded is the Driver Monitoring System, which can recognize the driver's face and give a warning if fatigue is detected or out of focus.

Suzuki gave this model with a mid-hybrid technology combined with a 1.2 liter Z12E 3-cylinder engine while adding to the ranks of electrified vehicles from a manufacturer based in Shizuoka, Japan.