5 Reasons For Choosing A Department Of Civil Engineering, No Need To Hesitate!

YOGYAKARTA The reason for choosing to major in civil engineering needs to be considered by prospective students to be more stable with the choices that have been made.

Please note, civil engineering is one of the popular study programs (prodi) in Indonesia. This field of study studies studies on planning, design, manufacturing, and conservation to support the formation of an area.

The science studied in this department generally involves applied mathematics and technology. A student who graduated from the civil engineering department can understand the design and construction of buildings, taking into account aspects of the surrounding environment.

Well, for those who have chosen to major in civil engineering in the 2024 SNPMB, you need not hesitate or hesitate, because this department is the right choice for the sustainability of your future career.

Summarized from various sources, Friday, April 19, 2024, the following are the reasons for choosing to major in civil engineering that prospective students need to know:

1. Prospects of promising work

Civil engineering is one of the study programs with promising job prospects. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, you can work as:

This prospect or job opportunity makes you have many options to keep up with your interests and talents, both in project planning, construction management, and property development.

2. Needed worldwide

Selain memiliki prospek kerja yang luas, seorang profesional di bidang teknik sipil juga dicari di seluruh dunia.

Development and maintenance of infrastructure is a universal necessity, so that your ability in civil engineering can open the door to work in various countries. This gives you the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment and expand your international network.

3. Provide a big social impact

A civilian engineering graduate can have a huge social impact on society and the environment. Not, you will contribute to the construction of health facilities, schools, affordable housing, and sustainable projects that help preserve the environment. This is a career choice that provides a sense of achievement and meaning.

4. High income potential

The reason for choosing to major in civil engineering the next is because work in the field of civil engineering has the potential to bring in high income.

Civil engineers often earn a competitive income because their work is quite complex and bear a big responsibility.

As time goes on and your experience increases, your potential income can also increase significantly.

5. The backbone of the infrastructure project

The last reason is that civil engineers are the backbone of infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, skyscrapers, and airports.

A civilian engineer will play a role in the planning, design, and implementation of these projects. This means that you will have the opportunity to be directly involved in infrastructure development and improvement that affects the lives of millions of people.

This is information about the reasons for choosing to major in civil engineering. Hopefully this article can add insight to the loyal readers of VOI.ID.