ASDP Wants To Develop Bakauheni Harbor City Like Labuan Bajo

JAKARTA - PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) is developing the Bakauheni Harbour City area, South Lampung.

This area was chosen because it has great economic potential in the future.

ASDP Indonesia President Director Ferry, Ira Puspadewi revealed, the development of the port area is not new to ASDP.

Previously, ASDP had developed an area in the Labuan Bajo area, East Nusa Tenggara.

Ira said, in the development of Labuan Bajo, ASDP built a Meruorah hotel. This hotel was also the location for the implementation of the G20 world-class event and the 42nd ASEAN Summit (KTT).

Actually, the development of Bakauheni Harbor City is not new for ASDP, because we have started with good results, namely in Labuan Bajo. Yesterday's Asean Summit, the hotel in Meruorah was 51 percent owned by ASDP, so we own the majority," he said at the ASDP Office, Jakarta, Wednesday, September 27.

Ira explained, it turns out that the development and development of the area in Labuan Bajo is able to attract investors.

For example, Meruorah, who in a short time could be chosen to host an international event.

Furthermore, Ira said that it would bring success in building the Labuan Bajo area to work on the Bakauheni area. Later, the construction of the Bakauheni Harbour City area could become a center of new economic growth.

"Bakauheni Harbor City will be like that, this will become a new economic center. So for decades the biggest economy in Bakauheni is at its ASDP port," he said

Previously, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry estimated that funds would need around IDR 4.5 trillion for the development of the entire Bakauheni Harbor City area, in the South Lampung region.

The development of the Bakauheni Harbor City concept itself takes about 20 to 25 years.

"Approximately more than a master plan of IDR 4.5 trillion, if City talks about waking up, it's decades," said ASDP President Director Ira Puspadewi at his office, Jakarta, Wednesday, September 27.