Platform X Develops Warning Feature for Accounts with Sensitive Content

JAKARTA - Platform X is now improving the warning feature on its user accounts. This feature will tell whether the account is restricted or shadowbanned.

The development of this feature was shared by Designer at Platform X, Andrea Conway. He also shared a preview of the features that X is currently improving.

In the shared view, a warning will appear in the notification section that says, “We've added a flag to your account that may affect its reach.”

Apart from that, there will be two explanations regarding embedding tags in user accounts. The first information explains the potential for accounts containing sensitive media such as images, violence, pornography and other sensitive content.

Other information explains that this sign can be a warning to other users. These signs can make people avoid accounts full of sensitive content.

Accounts with this mark will also be removed from the timeline, specifically on the For You and Following tabs. Various uploads that this account makes will also not be included in recommendations, notifications, trends or search results.

Given that this feature has not yet been fully developed, there is no other detailed explanation regarding account status outside of the notifications tab or how someone can get this alert.

"The copy and details of the UI (visual appearance of the product) are not final yet," concluded Conway.