Lampung Police Chief Reveals The Location Of The TIP Victim's Shelter Apparently Belonging To A Police Officer

Lampung Police Chief Inspector General Pol Helmy Santika confirmed the location of the shelter for victims of the crime of trafficking in persons (TPPO) which was successfully revealed to be the house of a member of the National Police.

"Indeed, from the results of the prosecution and rescue of the 24 victims of the TIP, we received information that the house belonged to a member of the National Police," said Lampung Police Chief Helmy as quoted by ANTARA, Wednesday, June 7.

However, he continued, the Lampung Police would certainly investigate it first, how the TIP victims arrived at the location of the house.

"We will investigate whether it is true or how they got to the shelter location," he said.

The Lampung Regional Police Propam has also coordinated with the National Police Headquarters Propam for further investigation regarding the shelter which is the house of a Police officer.

"This must be investigated whether they rented, rented, borrowed, and so on, then Propam Lampung Police has also coordinated with Propam Headquarters to be able to participate in exploring it in order to see internally," he said.

Previously, the Lampung Regional Police rescued 24 women from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) who were suspected of being victims of TIP and were in a shelter located in Rajabasa Jaya Village, Rajabasa District, Bandarlampung City.

The Lampung Regional Police have also named four suspects in the TIP case, namely DW, AL, AR and IT, they are threatened with imprisonment of 3 to 15 years in prison.