Minister Of PUPR Calls Hydrology The Key Key To Anticipation Of Disasters

JAKARTA - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono revealed that hydrology science is the main key in mitigating and anticipating hydrometeorological disasters in Indonesia.

"Disaster hydrology is not only a flood, but also a drought. With innovation applied hydrology, it certainly determines success in overall natural resource management. In my opinion, hydrology is very decisive in our lives, hydrology is basic science," Basuki said as quoted by Antara, Wednesday, June 7.

He added that hydrological science is a fundamental key that is needed to solve water resource (SDA) problems that occur in terms of prediction and estimation, so as to minimize losses caused by hydrometeorological disasters.

Basuki hopes that applied hydrology and hydrology will play a very important role to consider in finding problems and finding solutions and innovations in overcoming water resource problems (SDA).

The Ministry of PUPR continues to encourage the involvement of academics and experts, especially those who are members of the Indonesian Hydrology Society (MHI) to take advantage of innovation and technology in mitigating and anticipating hydrometeorological disasters.

The role of professional organizations is very much needed in supporting the sustainability of professionalism in the field of Indonesian waters in the future.

Basuki expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Hydrology Society, which is still enthusiastic about preserving hydrological science.

Hydrology science is also the key in managing more effective and sustainable water resources both locally and regionally and even in the world.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the MHI who is also the Head of the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (BPIW) of the Ministry of PUPR Yudha Mediawan said, MHI is a professional organization formed on May 7, 1998 with the aim of improving the quality of the expertise and responsibility of Indonesian Hydrologists.

"MHI is obliged to build scientific cooperation with hydrologists, through scientific seminars to develop and utilize science and technology as well as hydrological science in solving various water problems," said Yudha Mediawan.