Indonesia Salah Satu Negara dengan Kematian Tenaga Medis Terbanyak Akibat COVID-19
Ilustrasi foto (Irfan Meidianto/VOI)


JAKARTA - The Chairperson of the Indonesian Association of Public Health Experts (IAKMI), Dedi Supratman, said that Indonesia was included in the ten countries with the highest mortality rate of medical workers in the world due to COVID-19. In fact, the percentage is the second-highest after Russia.

"Among health workers, Indonesia is quite high, reaching 2.4%," Dedi said in an online discussion at the ILUNI UI Policy Center titled Reviewing the Transition Policy Task Force for the COVID-19 Handling, Saturday, August 1.

Based on the data, the number of medical personnel who died as of July 13 was 89 people out of a total of 3,656 deaths. However, referring to the Nakes Death Influence Index (IPKN), Indonesia is ranked first in the world in the case of medical personnel death, with a total of 233.

That number is based on a comparison of the number of doctors per thousand populations. "The problem is the distribution of medical staff. So if we are at the highest level, it is quite alarming to the death rate of medical workers," Dedi said.

Data kematian tenaga medis (Sumber: CNN Indonesia TV)

Meanwhile, for Russia, the percentage of deaths of medical personnel is 4.7%. Meanwhile, in the IPKN data, there is 136 medical personnel.

For this reason, the efforts to prevent the spread must be further promoted. It is hoped that the number of positive cases will automatically decrease.

"The case of COVID-19 positive has increased. It means that we must strengthen our efforts to prevent the virus because it is far from the WHO standard of 5%," said Dedi.