JAKARTA - Virtual assets such as NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) are stealing attention again, Pudgy48es. The NFT collection, which has been in the top ten based on this trading volume, has reached a milestone with the sale of more than one million plush toy dolls through leading retailers.

Luca Netz, the young and visionary CEO of the Pudgydes, who took over the project a year after its launch, shared the latest developments in a video posted on X. Proudly, he stated that more than a million plush toys had been sold in less than a year. This is not only an impressive sales figure, but also a clear evidence of the success of its largest consumer product.

Netz also provides clues about future partnerships with other retailers, including reordering from Walmart and orders from Target, Smiths, Hot Topic, as well as speciality retailers in Asia and around the world'. This partnership signifies a significant expansion and shows market confidence in the brand Pudgytas.

Unlike other NFT projects that may still be struggling to gain public interest, Pudgyctions have managed to attract attention and create real impacts. I have a lot of respect for what others are doing in this space, but much of it is based on the moments of the future," said Netz. "This is happening now, in real time; small people are able to put these items in some of the world's biggest retailers."

Enthusiasm surrounding the toy line plush Pudgy48s, as well as the announcement of the metaverse development, has brought the project temporarily beyond the Bored Ape Yacht Club in its basic price earlier this year. The project plans to launch the alpha Pudgy World on the zkSync blockchain Era this year.

With this achievement, Pudgy48s not only strengthened its position in the NFT market, but also its potential in the global toy industry. The sale of one million plush toys is a historic achievement that confirms the position of Pudgytas as a key player in the retail market.

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