European Commission Receives Report On TikTok Lite Risk Evaluation
TikTok submits a risk report to the European Union Commission. (photo: x @tiktok_lite_jp)

JAKARTA - TikTok has submitted a risk evaluation report on its new app, TikTok Lite, to the European Commission. This was said by TikTok on Tuesday, April 23, to avoid possible fines imposed on them.

The EU executive body has given the company ByteDance 24 hours to provide the risk report on Monday, April 21. The Commission expressed concern about the TikTok Lite reward program and its potentially addictive nature for children.

The commission also highlighted TikTok's failure to provide risk evaluation reports on the new app before its launch in Spain and France this month.

The Commission said it implemented a Digital Services Act (DSA) requiring large online companies to make more efforts to deal with illegal and harmful content on their platforms or risk being fined up to 6% of their annual global turnover.

"We have (send the report)," said a TikTok spokesman.

The company has until Wednesday 24 April to present arguments on the prize program, which will determine whether the Commission will suspend the program for a while until they judge whether it is safe for children.

A bigger problem for the company is the Commission's decision to open an investigation into TikTok Lite's launch in France and Spain and whether this violates DSA rules.

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