Google Updates Sign-in Page Display And Account Sign-up
View of the latest Google account login page (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA Google updated the interface (UI) or the look of the design-up and design-in page. This more modern design change in accordance with the Material Design was released on Wednesday, February 21.

Through the Google Workspace Update page, the company explains that this visual display change will not have an impact on its page function. Users will continue to enter the same information as usual.

Google will change the layout of the design-up and design-in on websites and mobile devices. Users don't need to update the Chrome or Google app on their device because the changes will be added automatically.

Based on Google's explanation, they deliberately update the appearance of the page entering the account. According to them, this latest design system is more visually attractive and the layout is much neater with an adjusted screen size.

Halanmanloginbaru has a better layout for all types of screens, including large and wide screens. The analogy is adjusted to your screen size," Google said via the Google Account Assistance page.

This update will be released to the Fast Release Domain and Scheduled Release in stages from February 21 to March 4. This means that all users, whether it's a new feature tester or not, will see the update.

All users who will see this update are Google Workspace users or personal Google account users. If your pages of design-indansign-upaccount have not changed, wait until Google has finished rolling out the update.

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