Improving The Advertising Ecosystem, Indosat Collaborates With Infomo To Develop AIML Platform
IOH establishes partnership with Infomo (photo: Indosat)

JAKARTA - Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat) announced its latest collaboration with Infomo Global Ltd, a digital technology company from Singapore in creating the AI platform (Artificial Intelligence) or ML (Machine Learning).

The platform will later connect Indosat customers with the digital advertising ecosystem in Indonesia to obtain relevant advertisements according to customer interests and needs.

"The advertising industry is entering a new digital era with smartphone users in Indonesia which continues to increase. Our collaboration with Infomo is a strategic step in providing effective advertising platforms for wider customer targets and at the same time will improve customer experience," said Indosat Ooredoo Director and Chief Commercial Officer Hutchison, Ritesh Kumar Singh in a written statement quoted on Tuesday, June 6.

Furthermore, Singh also believes that this collaboration will improve the digital industry and contribute to Indonesia's future digital economy growth

In collaboration with Infomo, which has Data Monetization Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology, it will connect Indosat customers with agencies, publishers, and brand holders, so that they can display personalized advertising to Indosat customers who have various profiles and potential segmentation for the purpose of advertising business.

The CEO of Global Infomo, Ananda Rao also commented that Indonesia is a very digital savvy market with a market size of US$2.8 billion (Rp41.6 trillion).

"The data monetization for telco operators opens many doors more than just income from advertising. The infrastructure we use opens up opportunities for operators to use Web3, ID Solutions for first-party data, and much more. We want to bring all of these benefits to our advertisers through the various interfaces we have. The digital advertising ecosystem will grow stronger through our partnership with Indosat," said Rao.

This collaboration will focus on unique ID map solutions that can remove dependence from all depreciated third-party cookies.

The platform will provide a solution where the Info IP map technology ensures the data is fully minimized so that no one can identify the user. This solution also has complete data recognition and protects user privacy.

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