This Is What Will Happen If The Ripple Vs SEC Case Ends
XRP Coin. (Photo; Doc. Notierio Bitcoin)

JAKARTA The XRP community or XRP Army is waiting for the end of Ripple's feud with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which took more than 2 years to drag on. According to the latest report, the case will end in a matter of weeks as Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed last week.

Meskipun demikian, perusahaan pembayaran instantan berbasis blockchain Ripple terus berkekpansi dan menjalin kemitraan strategisnya dengan perusahaan keuangan dari berbagai negera. Adoptasi blockchain Ripple mengalami peningkatan. Namun, langkah tersebut belum berdampak pada pergerakan harga XRP.

One of the XRP communities stated that the leading Brazilian bank, Rendimento, was the first to adopt the Ripple blockchain for cloud-based payments. But unfortunately, the bank has not used the XRP coin due to legal problems with US regulators.

Commenting on the statement, Ripple attorney John Deaton, assessed that many people underestimated the impact the SEC's lawsuit on Ripple and also the growth of digital money. Deaton assessed that the increasing growth in Ripple's business did not prevent the company from leaving the US market. According to him, the US market is an important market for Ripple.

XRP Post Law Lawsuit

Deaton further revealed that Rendimento and other financial companies refuse to use digital money because regulatory issues will use XRP when legal problems with the SEC are resolved. He considered that if the lawsuit was over, there would likely be more integration of XRP along with Ripple's technology.

Citing a Coingape report, in the early days of the lawsuit, one of Ripple's main partners in the US, MoneyGram International left the company on the grounds of not believing in the future due to ongoing legal feuds. This decision was made by Moneygram even though the successful business relationship had been enjoyed by both of them until then.

MoneyGram turned its back on Ripple was followed by leading crypto trading company Coinbase which removed XRP trading on its platform. This condition has sparked outrage from the XRP community in the early days of the lawsuit. Even so, news emerged regarding the end of XRP's feud that could potentially provide progress for Ripple and the crypto industry in the US.

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