Ripple Labs Involves Dozens Of Universities Around The World To Expand Blockchain Understanding Through UBRI Program
Ripple Labs announced the involvement of 45 universities in blockchain research. (Photo; Doc. Cryptary)

JAKARTA - The University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) launched by Ripple Labs, a California-based fintech company, has supported more than 45 university partnerships in 20 countries, and initiated more than 1,000 research projects since 2018. UBRI aims to accelerate academic research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain, cryptography, fintech, and digital assets.

Since its launch in June 2018, UBRI has provided financial and technical resources to research institutions and universities around the world, encouraging the development of curriculum, collaborative industry research, and exploration of blockchain technology applications. UBRI initially committed to providing more than $50 million in funds, and has since facilitated introduction or expansion of up to 345 courses, demonstrating its enormous impact.

UBRI has been working with well-known universities around the world since its launch. In 2018, UBRI has entered into partnerships with 17 universities, and is growing rapidly by adding 11 other institutions in early 2019, including Carnegie Mellon University, University of Kansas, National University of Singapore, and Cornell University.

Despite facing litigation from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in December 2020, Ripple Labs remains committed to expanding the UBRI program and continues to collaborate with academic institutions. This shows Ripple Labs' confidence in the value and potential of blockchain technology in education.

UBRI has successfully funded more than 1,000 research projects worldwide, which includes research in various areas related to blockchain, cryptography, fintech, and digital assets. Financial and technical support from Ripple Labs through UBRI has encouraged the development of knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology among academics and initiated collaboration between universities and industry.

In addition, UBRI has also contributed to the development of a curriculum on blockchain and related technology at universities around the world. By expanding courses related to blockchain, UBRI helps prepare the next generation of experts who will play a role in developing blockchain technology in the future.

The success of UBRI in supporting blockchain research and development among academics has been proof of Ripple Labs' commitment to advancing this technology.

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