Coinbase Listing Flare (FLR), Airdrop Crypto For Holder XRP?
Flare Token listing on Coinbase. (Photo; Doc. CoinField)

JAKARTA - Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, has finally included a Flare token (FLR) after months of pressure from XRP fans. This announcement raises a stronger desire from users to ask Coinbase to re-enter XRP, given the close relationship between the Flare and the XRP ecosystem.

In a tweet posted today, Coinbase said it would only support FLR on the Flare network. According to the tweet, the US exchange has activated deposit services for FLR on its platform in areas where the asset trading is supported.

Users are expected to deposit into their wallets via a Flare network. The use of other networks can result in the loss of funds. As part of the announcement, Coinbase also revealed that they will start distributing FLR airdrops today.

Previously, Coinbase had promised in December 2022 that it would support FLR's airdrop for XRP holders, but did not succeed in doing so in January when wider distribution began, as at that time they had not included FLR.

According to a CryptoBasic report, the airdrop will be distributed to wallets holding XRP tokens during the snapshot on December 12, 2020. At that time, Coinbase had not stopped support for XRP.

The airdrop distribution is expected to start today, with the temporary withdrawal of funds suspended during the distribution process. In addition, FLR trading will begin after the exchange ensures sufficient liquidity. After adequate distribution and confirmation of liquidity, Coinbase will announce the launch of the FLR/USD trading.

This latest move follows pressure from XRP supporters who have persistently asked Coinbase to include FLR and distribute airdrops.

Keep in mind that the Flare project initially started at XRP Ledger but gradually switched to their own layer-1 blockchain, the Flare Network. Given the close relationship between FLR and XRP, XRP supporters are increasingly fighting for XRP to be re-listed on Coinbase.

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