T-Mobile Customers Can Now Receive Calls And Make Calls With Alexa For Free
Alexa can now make a phone call at T-Mobile. (photo: Twitter @alexa99)

JAKARTA - Alexa now has the ability to allow T-Mobile customers to create and receive phone calls on devices dedicated without the need to use hands. This new feature comes in the form of Alexa skills, which can connect the T-Mobile service directly to the user's Alexa Account. This new feature joins other major cellular operators in the US, namely AT&T and Verizon, which allow Alexa to manage phone calls.

"It's completely free for T-Mobile customers and fully available to all of Alexa's current subscribers," a T-Mobile spokesperson, Trang Nguyen, wrote in an email to The Verge. In comparison, Verizon still charges $5 per month to use his Alexa skills.

You can activate this new feature by opening the Alexa app and then going to More> Settings> Communication. Then, under the account, select T-Mobile and follow the steps to connect the account. Users can also set by looking for T-Mobile skills in Alexa's skill store.

There are many ways to take calls without using your hands while cooking or doing other busy tasks, but often engages smartphones near you or Bluetooth-backed loudspeakers that may not be ready. However, if users have Alexa smart speakers like Echo at home, it would be easier to create or answer calls.

Once the settings are complete, users can say commands such as "Alexa, phone John" or press the number by saying, "Alexa, call 1-800-255-3700." The incoming call will be announced, and users can say, "Alexa, answer call" or "Alexa, refuse call." Connecting the phone service to Alexa also allows emergency services, so users can say, "Alexa, call 911."

When it first completes the new T-Mobile skill settings, it will enable handless calls on all Alexa-backed devices that are linked by default and will ring all over.

However, if the user has a Echo device in a room that is only used by children, for example, it can turn off the feature by going to More> Settings> Communication. Select T-Mobile, then you can select which device you want to use with the phone service and turn off incoming calls to the selected device.

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