Recognize The Importance Of How To Recharge The Right Battery To Prevent Damage To Mobile Devices
Filling in the phone properly can prolong battery life. (photo: dock. pexels)

JAKARTA - Mobile is one of the devices that we use every day, either to work, play, or access information. However, the continuous use of battery power on mobile phones will decrease.

Paying attention to how to recharge the right battery is very important because it can prolong battery life and prevent damage to mobile devices. Damaged or short-lived batteries can cause problems such as quickly depleting battery power, the phone becomes hot or dead on its own.

When the battery is recharged, the electric current flows into the battery cell and makes it recharged. However, if the battery is recharged in the wrong way, for example too often, too fast, or too long, it can speed up the reduction in battery capacity. Untrue recharged batteries can make the battery leaky, swollen, or even explode.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how to recharge the right batteries, as described in previous articles. In the right way, the battery will last longer, the phone's durability will be better, and users can avoid expensive battery replacement costs.

For that, it is important for us to know when we should charge our cellphones and how to do the best.

Instead, we charge the phone when the battery has reached 20-30%. It aims to maintain battery life and prevent overcharging (excessive battery charging process).

Don't wait for the phone battery to completely run out before charging, because this will shorten the life of the battery.

There are some best ways to charge your phone so that the battery lasts longer and the phone remains safe:

Use the original charger and recommended by the mobile phone manufacturer. Avoid using a low-cost and quality charger, because it can damage the phone battery.

Avoid charging your phone overnight. After the phone battery reaches 100%, remove the charger from the phone. Don't let the charger still connect to the phone for a long time, because this can damage the battery.

Don't use your phone while charging. During the charging process, the phone generates heat that can damage the battery and shorten battery life. Instead, turn off the phone when charging.

Don't let your phone get too hot when charging. It can also damage the battery. If the phone is too hot, remove the casing and let the phone cool off first before charging.

Don't charge your phone when the weather is too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance.

By virtue of charging the phone in the right way, it is important to maintain battery life. By charging the phone when the battery has reached 20-30%, using the original charger, not charging overnight, not using the phone while charging, avoiding the phone being too hot or too cold when charging, the phone battery will last longer and the phone is safe.

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