Hazards Of HP Radiation For Health, Can You Really Has Cancer?
Illustration of HP radiation for humans. (photo; Pixabay dock)

YOGYAKARTA The danger of HP radiation needs to be watched out for by mobile phone users, because there are allegations that excessive use of cellphones can cause various health problems.

Cell phones or cell phones work by emitting radiation waves. This radiation exposure is thought to increase the risk of cancer and disorders in the brain and nerves, especially if the body is often exposed. So, is that true?

Until now, there is not enough scientific evidence related to the dangers of HP radiation that can increase the risk of cancer in humans.

The only impact of HP radiation has been proven to be correct, namely an increase in heat in the body that is close to using gadgets, such as the head and neck.

However, the height of the body temperature rise from electromagnetic radiation and its effect is also not known with certainty.

A study states that HP radiation can increase the risk of brain tumors on the head side that are widely used to call. However, it is difficult to confirm that it is caused by radiation waves emitted by gadgets. This is because there are many other studies that state different results.

Other studies suspect a higher risk in children from HP radiation, than adults. This allegation arose because there was higher absorption of radiation in children due to several factors, such as different brain structures and skulls. However, it still needs further investigation.

How to Reduce Hazards of HP Radiation

In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) stated that HP radiation may be carcinogenic or can cause cancer. Not only that, exposure to electromagnetic radiation is also thought to cause other diseases, such as tumors, brain, cancer, Alzheimer's, parkinson, achievements, and headaches.

Although it is still a guess, there is nothing wrong if you start trying to limit the use of devices to reduce the dangers of HP radiation.

The reason is, beaming rays from the phone screen that are too often used and too close to the eye can endanger eye health.

In addition, excessive use of gadgets can also make a person become a match and less socialize with those around him.

Quoted from the Bogor Kominfo page, Friday, February 3, 2023, here are several steps to reduce the impact of HP radiation on the body:

If your mobile phone is no longer used, such as going to bed, the cellphone is set offline by turning off cellular data. This tip is very powerful for signing radiation effects.

The next way to reduce the dangers of HP radiation is to use additional tools such as hands-free or speakers so that the head is not too close to the device.

As much as possible, don't store your cellphone in the near body, such as in your shirt or pants pocket. Putting your cellphone close to your body will enlarge exposure to radiation.

Instead, you can put your cellphone in your bag while traveling.

To reduce the impact of HP radiation, you are also advised to use a mobile phone as needed and limit the use of cellphones, especially when interacting with other people.

Reducing the dangers of HP radiation in children can be done by providing restrictions on the use of devices. The recommended length of time to view the electronic screen for children under 5 years of age is only 1 hour per day.

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