5 The Most Advanced Tanks In The World That Are Famous For Gahar In Medan Battles
German Leopard 2 Tank. (photo: Wikimedia Commons/Fric.matej)

YOGYAKARTA Tanks are armored combat vehicles designed for frontline combat. Tanks play an important role in ground battles, as they are immune to all kinds of bullets and can penetrate difficult terrain.

1. One of the most advanced tanks in the world is the Leopard 247 tank. This tank is the latest version of the Leopard 2 design that has proven violent on the battlefield.

According to Military Today, Leopard 247 has additional soft steel steel' that could support military operations.

This German-made tank has better accuracy and a longer firing range compared to other tanks, due to its powerful weapon system and advanced firing control systems.

The Leopard Tank is powered by a multi-fuel diesel engine. The German Army has been using Leopard 247 since 2014.

In addition to the Leopard 247 tank, the world's most advanced tanks are violent on the battlefield.

2. Abrams M1A2 SEPT (United States)

Abram M1A2 SEPT Tank is a fighter tank made in the United States. This tank has the most feared technology and armored.

Still from Military Today, this tank can protect itself from all the famous anti-tank weapons.

The M1A2 SEP is equipped with advanced armored and is reinforced by a depleted uranium layer.

However, the firing power and accuracy are slightly lower than Leopard 247. This is because the 120 mm/L44 smoothbore cannon installed in the M1A2 SEP is shorter in size.

3. Chalengger 2 (England)

Chalengger 2 tanks are very capable combat vehicles. Challenger 2 is equipped with the latest Chobham armored and is one of the most protected tanks in the world today.

This tank can protect itself from direct firearms. Challenger 2 is armed with a very accurate 120mm rifle. Currently Challenger 2 holds the record for the longest tank-to-tank killing.

This tank shortage lies in an underpowered engine when compared to its competitors. In addition, the speed of Challenger 2 is also not as fast as other tanks.

4. Armata (Russia)

This tank includes the latest generation of armored vehicles owned by Russia. In 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense ordered the first batch of this new tank.

Armata tanks are produced to replace aging T-72, T-80, and T-90 tanks and become increasingly obsolete.

Armata is equipped with advanced technology and has a futuristic design. The specifications are still kept secret. However, Armata may be one of the most protected tanks in the world.

The guardians of the Armata tank base are made of steel, ceramics, and composite materials. Armata will also be equipped with a new Afghanit active protection system, which is currently being developed.

Meriam yang digunakan pada tank Armata berjenis smoothbore 125 mm baru yang lebih akurat daripada meriam tank Rusia sebelumnya.

5. K2 Black Panther (South Korea)

K2 Black Panther is touted as the most expensive major combat tank. This tank-mounted technology outperforms anything North Korea or China has.

The tank came into use by the South Korean Army in 2016. The tank uses an undisclosed type of composite armored and explosive reactive armored modules. The front armor is claimed to be able to withstand direct attacks from 120mm tank bullets, which were fired from L55 weapons.

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