PBSI Shifts Rionny Mainaky To Become Head Coach For The 2024 Paris Olympics
Rionny Mainaky became the head coach of the 2024 Paris Olympics team (doc. PBSI).

JAKARTA PBSI officially shifted Rionny Mainaky's position from the Head of Development and Achievement Division (Head of Binpres) to head coach of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Indonesian badminton federation immediately appointed Ricky Soebagdja to replace Rionny in the Head of Binpres. Ricky was chosen with various considerations, one of which was his experience in badminton.

Ricky is a former athlete and has served as PBSI administrator. He was noted to have served as Head of the 2013 National Training Sub-Division.

"Of course (Ricky) is familiar with this position. Managerially, it is also quite strong. In addition, from the vision and mission he conveyed, it is also in line with the PP PBSI program," said the Daily Chair of PBSI, Alex Tirta, in a statement.

Alex said Rionny was shifted to the head coach of the 2024 Paris Olympics because he was very suitable to accompany the players. Moreover, he has experience in training that is so much needed during matches.

"How he manages discipline, strategy, and does not even hesitate to go to the field to accompany the warm-up. Therefore, ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, we assign him to focus on being the head coach of the Olympic team," he said.

Alex hopes that this change will bring many positive things to Indonesian badminton. Moreover, this sport is the backbone of the Red and White to maintain the gold medal tradition at the Olympics.

"Hopefully this change will bring fresh air and positive things for the development of Indonesian badminton this year and in the years to come," said Alex.

"Because Rionny and Ricky have been friends for a long time, hopefully the work transition will run smoothly and smoothly. I'm sure they will both easily work together," he said again.

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