When Is The Right Time To Do Yoga, Check Out Those Who Are Busy At Work
When is the right time to do yoga (Freepic)

YOGYAKARTA - Yoga is an activity that is beneficial both for physical and mental health. Everyone usually undergoes yoga exercise in different choices of time, both afternoon, afternoon, and evening depending on each other's free time. So when is the right time to do yoga?

yoga exercise is a exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing. This sport has become increasingly popular since the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people do sports at home. In addition, this sport also does not require difficult movements and special equipment. However, there are also movements that have a fairly high level of difficulty.

yoga can be done easily at home and is suitable for all people. In order to be able to experience yoga results optimally, you need to know when is the right time to do yoga.

Actually yoga can be done at any time, the important thing is not to interfere with daily activities and according to the needs of each person. There are people who do it in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Here is the best time to do yoga adapted to everyone's busyness and needs:

In the morning is the most recommended time to do yoga. It is better to do yoga in the morning when the stomach is still empty or before breakfast. yoga exercises in the morning can help improve the mood or mood all day so as to make you more enthusiastic about your activities.

yoga in the morning can also help the body relax and relieve muscle pain. In the morning, the body's metabolism will be smoother because the sugar levels are more stable and the digestion are better.

However, it should be noted that yoga must warm up in the morning first. This is because the body's muscles are still and feel stiff so that flexibility may be limited. You can do a little stretching before starting yoga.

yoga exercises in the afternoon or evening are a suitable time for busy people. You can undergo yoga activities after work or after all day activities. Yoga can help reduce stress levels after getting tired of going through daily activities.

At night, the muscles of the body will be better prepared for yoga. In addition, doing yoga at night also increases or optimizes the digestive system of food intake consumed throughout the day. After undergoing yoga, you can also sleep more soundly or quality.

However, keep in mind that night yoga should not be done too intensely or in severe levels. Too high intensity or excessive will actually interfere with the quality of night sleep. It is better if night yoga is focused on breathing exercises and relaxing the body.

You are also advised to do yoga just once every day. You can schedule yoga activities regularly, either during the day, afternoon, or night when you have free time. The key to feeling the maximum outcome of yoga is not how tired or hard it is to live it, but consistent and intense at the same time every day.

Demikianlah reviewasi mengenai kapan waktu yang tepat untuk melakukan yoga bagi Anda yang sibuk bekerja. Sebenarnya manfaat yoga tidak akan berubah meski itu dilakukan dalam waktu berbeda, entah pagi, sore, atau malam hari. Sebagai kegiatan yoga dijalankan secara rutin dan konsisten.

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